A little bit odd

I’ve been writing the blog for a year now. Which really is odd, when I started I just wanted to cope with the pain -and writing is just one way of doing it. I assumed nobody would ever read it (I know enough about literature to properly asses my posts as not being of any […]

Sharing is caring

Quite an overused phrase, I know. Still, every time I meet someone, who needs a quick fix for their dog because they ‘don’t have time to train’, I keep thinking about the moments we share with the ones we love, the time that nothing else can replace. Time that is used to create memories of […]

Make someone happy

It’s the International Day of Happiness today. Even the mere fact we do have the Day of Happiness makes me happy. Well, I am easy to please. The last few months have been a bit challenging (my Mum has been diagnosed with cancer) and I have been trying to keep myself occupied to minimise the […]

Crufts done and gone.

Well, I’m not a fan of Crufts as I’m not a fan of selective breeding for looks. Having said that, the only thing that can change it is our awareness and I do think the Kennel Club are trying a bit harder to stress the importance of health. In my ideal world all dogs would […]

Sunshine and showers

Our training is just like the weather. Sometimes better than some other times. Brian’s making progress, the most important thing is that his panic attacks have gone now. He’s wary of people-and he might always be-but he keeps calm around most of them. I never let anyone we don’t know approach him and try to […]


Despite the fact NO trainer would ever recommend prong collars (or any choking/ shock ones) I still see them being used. They are as ineffective as they are cruel and as I am a rather opinionated lady I comment on them. They are an archaic, sadistic torture device. Due to the law being slightly deficient […]


Sometimes I need my dogs much more than they need me. I generally see all my rescues as an excuse for my existence. As a non-believer I don’t look for the meaning of life in the spiritual sense and I don’t really consider my life vital for the planet or humanity. Sounds awful but it […]