Crufts done and gone.

Well, I’m not a fan of Crufts as I’m not a fan of selective breeding for looks. Having said that, the only thing that can change it is our awareness and I do think the Kennel Club are trying a bit harder to stress the importance of health. In my ideal world all dogs would be bought from a proper breeder, one who loves their dogs and is responsible, knowledgeable and caring about their future. No more shelters, no more puppy farms…just happy, healthy dogs of all shapes and sizes going from their first loving home to another.

I go to Crufts to represent the charity. Maybe because of this I only meet really genuine, wonderful dog-lovers. And it feels good to know there are so many lovely people in the world.

To keep it absolutely personal: we’re making progress with Brian, he could even pass for a perfect dog on his own. From a distance. I keep reminding myself how fearful of people he was and celebrate the fact he can be near strangers and stay calm. Because of his profound fear of children he needs to be obedient-his recall is really good, but before I get too big-headed about it, I’ll practise it about million times more.


I have to admit that I prefer walking Lily. Just me and her. She’s a proper urban dog, loves exploring new places, walking around the town as if it belonged to her only. She’s nosy and brave-almost the antithesis of herself when she came here. I can’t stop smiling when we walk together in the early hours, scaring the cats and simply being happy.



12 thoughts on “Crufts done and gone.

  1. I never watch the actual show part of Crufts, as it bores me, and none of the dogs look fit to do much besides trot around in a circle. But I absolutely love the agility, flyball, and heelwork to music, because it’s entertaining but also because you can clearly see the bond between the dogs and handlers, and how much the dogs enjoy it. It seems to me that the people in the YouTube comments who say things like “cruelty” and “animal abuse” but never bother to explain why they would say that are just trying to start arguments and make people mad for no good reason. And there are much worse things being done to dogs than showing them, though I do agree that they should be bred to be healthy and not to look a certain way. But when it comes to the other events, I don’t understand why people can’t just enjoy all the dogs and their owners having fun together. Why does everyone have to criticize everything these days?

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    1. I do love the flyball (my absolute favourite) 🙂
      Most breeders actually really love dogs, some might have a different opinions as to what dogs are for -but we do have a lot in common. It’s always easier to just be critical without actually doing much to change what we disapprove of. I try to promote my idea of a good dog-owner relationship, where both the owner and the dog are happy. Well, I don’t think I would go to see the shows as there are still too many things that bother me, but it definitely pays for charities to be there-even just to show how lovely the non-pedigree dogs are 🙂

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      1. We’ve tried agility with Brian (and canicross and skijoring) but he’s not too happy around people, so we need some more time 😉 Any activity done with the dog builds a bond-provided, of course that it’s enjoyable 🙂 I’m very envious of all the agility champions, actually 🙂


      2. Ha! Yes, I tried agility with Molly. It always seemed that I would be running excitedly and encouraging her in a crazy high voice, and she’d look at me like,”have some dignity, why don’t you!” She’s too dignified and serious to run an agility course, she has to trot it daintily. XD

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      3. Lily is like that 🙂 Some dogs are just posh 😉 Brian is fine with running and jumping (though he mainly follows me) but as soon as there’s someone else around he can’t focus on anything, he starts being weary and watching his back all the time. I still hope we’ll do something active together 🙂


      4. You should try heelwork to music. The freestyle version looks active and fun to me. Maybe it’s a bit silly, but something you could do in your own backyard/house where no one would see you. 😉 I have a book about it called Dancing With Dogs.
        Wow I am talkative today. Sorry for keeping on replying and making this thread of comments so long, haha!

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      5. Don’t be silly-I love your comment! You’re right with the dancing-Lily absolutely loves doing tricks (to the amusements of crowds-a.k.a friends and family), she’s also really focused on me when we learn a new one, so she learns quickly (onlike Brian, who is a clumsy, easily distracted pup). Well, you’ve given me some food for thought 🙂


    1. 100% recal is something I really work on with all my dogs. I don’t care much for many other things people consider important-but I’ve seen enough accidents to know how important it is…


  2. Brian’s ear flapping photo and Lily’s wonderful smile brightened my day when I looked at your post this morning 🙂
    I watched Crufts hoping to see a bit more of the GSD’s, but I think they were being very careful this year..however the bitch looked good and a lot better than last year’s entry . Love the flyball-that tiny terrier on the agility 🙂 Great update 🙂 xx

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    1. I’ve seen more on tv than ‘live’, but I met some really lovely people (so many of the ‘rescue is my favourite breed’ sort). I think every GSD lover-or indeed any dog lover- wants to erase last year’s show from memory 😦

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