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Despite the fact NO trainer would ever recommend prong collars (or any choking/ shock ones) I still see them being used. They are as ineffective as they are cruel and as I am a rather opinionated lady I comment on them. They are an archaic, sadistic torture device. Due to the law being slightly deficient here they are, unfortunately, not yet banned in the UK.

Still, being annoying in Britain is as effective as rules and regulations (if not more). My (polite but definitely not asked for) comments seem to work wonders-at least the walks that are under a risk of meeting me turn into prong/pinch collars free ones.

I can’t help but wonder if some people actually take pleasure in psychically ‘correcting’ their dogs. It’s an indicator of how helpless they feel in all the other areas of their lives. The powerless, the dissatissfied and the failed will use force. Normal people just ask.

Lily is allowed to use force (she’s allowed whatever she thinks is right)

Yep, using force is for losers.

you bastard!



19 thoughts on “Sadism

  1. Not banned in US either. I used to walk with a group and a couple of the people used those shock collars. I finally had to stop walking with them. Broke my heart to hear their dogs yelping because their persons were simply too lazy to work with them.

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    1. Shock collars make me upset because they pretend to be ‘harmless’…I see well meaning people falling into the trap of clever marketing šŸ˜¦
      Fortunately, more and more dogs owners are better informed and I hope all the tools od torture will soon disappear! šŸ™‚

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  2. I’ve had one trainer in my area recommend a choke chain. He used to be the trainer / behaviourist for my local rescue as well (I don’t think it’s him helping them anymore), they’re very old school and into dogs being dominant so he fit right in *sigh* Thankfully that’s literally the only time I’ve heard them recommended, and aside from two family members (one who stopped using it and the other their dog died) I’ve not seen anyone use a choke collar in aaaages. In fact most times I see dogs on harnesses now šŸ™‚

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    1. I don’t see them often, but it’s still too often. And every single time, I can’t believe people still buy them (where?!) and think they are ‘training tools’…

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      1. When my bf’s parents’ dog was alive, we were hugely embarrassed by him at a really posh dog boutique. We had Kasper and were picking out doggy cupcakes for him, and my partner’s dad was walking around yelling “I can’t find the choke chains! Where do they keep the choke chains here?!” *cringe*


  3. Came across this recently, and I know you’ve taken a break from blogging but I thought I’d say, I used to use an e collar until I learned better, and I absolutely agree with you now that I’m better educated. Interesting how you say no trainer would recommend these collars; that is not the case here in America, lots of trainers recommend them. Lots of people are also lazy and don’t train their dogs. I always say, keep spreading the word far and wide, and maybe someday people will listen, and these things will be banned.


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