Sometimes I need my dogs much more than they need me. I generally see all my rescues as an excuse for my existence. As a non-believer I don’t look for the meaning of life in the spiritual sense and I don’t really consider my life vital for the planet or humanity. Sounds awful but it isn’t. I have a moral code, I enjoy and appreciate my life -every single minute of it. And it does matter that I matter to a handful of people and my pets.

I spend a lot of time and energy on my dogs but I get a lot in return. They make me happy just because they are there.

Ah, as to the title of this post: rather than the biological symbiosis I meant more the sociological one (the doctrine that mutual dependence is necessary to social well-being)


12 thoughts on “Mutualism

  1. You have your place in the Universe the same way as your dogs πŸ™‚ -hope Brian is continuing to thrive- and that makes you important, both to them, your family and friends…a little wheel in the big machinery of Life…if you see what I mean…:) xx

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      1. I think being a cat food dispenser is the biggest compliment you can get from a cat! Though I wouldn’t actually want cats to speak human (most of the things mine seem to think about me are rather rude, I fear) πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s a pretty deep teaching about the unity of all things, really. I KNOW I probably need the Dog more than he needs me- although I like to think the food and bodywork are better here than else where (I am resigned to being a universal food supplier)- but he is a constant reminder about how important it is not to increase another’s burdens through reactivity, to enjoy the moments whatever they are, and to shower the world with kisses both air and sloppy.

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  3. Life for me is incomplete without dogs. I have never not had a dog at any time in my life. But I know there is something after this life and I can’t do anything about where I go. So I do believe in God, and in Jesus.

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    1. I have never not had a dog either-they do ean a lot to me. I have never had any religion-but I was brought up with the strong principle of not hurting anyone. I know spirituality is vital for most people-and in a way I do believe in lots of things (that we’re all born good, that we need to contribute to the society, that we shouldn’t judge others) and my beliefs make me who I am. And I definitely respect other people’s religions πŸ™‚

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