Happy Birthday


My little sunshine is precisely a year old today. At least officially-I don’t think anyone really noticed the precise date of his arrival to the world.

Even though he’s not fully recovered yet, there’s sufficient evidence to hope his first birthday is just that: first of many.

Happy Birthday, my love πŸ™‚


39 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

      1. A birthday cake (made mainly of beef), three new toys, two new harnesses and leads, a snuffle rug and some cards (Brian loves shredding his birthday cards). Loads of treats, too…that was a good day πŸ™‚

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      2. it was beef tongue -cooked and shredded, 4 eggs, cooked sweet potato, cooked parsnip, a cube of cooked celeriac, herbs (parsley, tyme and rosemary)-mine was cakey enough, if it isn’t you can add some potato starch or chickpea flour to bind it-I baked it in a tin for a few minutes (I wanted it to resemble a cake) with crushed pork scratchings on top. It didn’t look anything like a human cake, but the dogs loved it πŸ™‚


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