Bouncing back


Why walk when you can run? My Brian’s back – complete with the energy, curiosity and loveliness. Almost as if nothing has ever been wrong. We can slowly go back to the routine, to making sure he doesn’t grow up to be scared of going out. Fortunately, that is my area of expertise and -as you can see in the photos-shouldn’t be difficult.


Despite the setback, Brian hasn’t forgotten everything he’s learnt. I’m glad we worked on being calm around strangers, on enjoying having a muzzle on for a few minutes (as there’s always a reward when we do this), on accepting the fact that the vet’s surgery is the place to go if you want a new toy. Even though he was not fully socialised, trained or desensitised I was grateful for every minute spent working on his issues when we needed to visit the vet so many times. Not just to get a toy this time.


If I ever needed to prove my point: the more time, patience and love we commit the easier it is to go through life together. Small steps make a big difference and we never know when we might use everything the dog has learnt, even if it seems he has learnt very little.


31 thoughts on “Bouncing back

      1. I know that feeling only too well. They are such a presence round the house. I miss my dogs. But I see their shadow moving from time to time and then there’s that cold wet nose that appears from nowhere, or the touch of a paw.

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      1. Lol…no, she only got him yesterday, so I haven’t had chance to write one yet, lus Alex is at his friend’s house and I need his photography probably next week. He is supposedly a whippet lurcher cross, although tbh I think there’s a bit of English bull in him.

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      2. well, I’ll watch this space then πŸ™‚ though, I usually do (I’m your devoted follower-or stalker, depending on how you see it) πŸ™‚

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      3. Lol-devoted follower of course! There is a creepy bus driver who is starting to freak me out a little…I was in the library the other day getting books and he was in there too. He asked me what I was doing and I replied “Getting books” and hid in the architecture section until he had gone…

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      4. yep, the architecture section is definitely the place to hide…from creepy bus drivers at least πŸ˜‰ not that I have any experience, I’m probably too creepy even for creepy stalkers!

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