Do something good

it helps when you feel bad.


I still don’t know if Brian is going to be fine. I hope he will. He’s had a few blood and urine tests, endoscopy, CT scan, biopsy…we’ve checked for all viruses and diseases that are not popular in the UK but common on the continent. And we are hoping the terrible inflammation was just a one-off thing. Or rather, something that wasn’t diagnosed first, disappeared after the first, short course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, only to come back with an enormous force that nearly killed my little boy.

I kept myself busy, sewing stuff for charities. I’m insomniac, whatever happens, good or bad, I stop sleeping (and stop eating, but I can force myself to eat, sleeping is much harder). Work helps and when I do something for others I don’t let any irrational thoughts drive me mad.

There’s always a risk in loving someone, doesn’t matter if it’s a person or a pet. Love is love. There’s always a risk that we lose the ones we love and it takes a lot of strength to be the one left behind and carry on.

But then, love is all that matters. I won’t stop loving. I won’t stop trying to be good. I won’t stop seeing the world as the most beautiful place. Because if I ever see only hatred and destruction, there will be no point in carrying on.


33 thoughts on “Do something good

  1. It really is just a process of elimination now, if there’s no suspicious lumps or bumps. I’m hoping it may just have been a temporary “bug” that’s passed through his system, a bit like chicken pox and children…it’s good to hear from you though, and obviously sending positive thoughts, healing and hugs your way xxx

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  2. Well said, and very true. However challenging. I saw an article about primary care (last week’s New Yorker) and one of the cases was a woman who had awful, awful sudden onset inflammation. Couldn’t figure it out and it was bordering on life threatening. It turned out it was caused by her stopping a medication for pain (for migraines, another level, but…)…..and it was in some ways an allergic reaction. Made me think…?
    Continuing to hold Lovely Brian in our prayers! Carry on, You!

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    1. Well, we know where the inflammation started, but we just hope it was some mechanical injury or a burst cyst that triggered this reaction, not something within the cells (cancer and similar). Thank you for all your kind words x

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  3. Gentle back rubs for sweet Brian and hugs to you. Your post was on-target in terms of loving for both pets and people. Brian is very lucky to have you.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Hopefully, Brian’s going to be fine now and I can learn another lesson from it (not to take things for granted, use every minute of our lives) 🙂 x

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