As it has always been my very personal blog, I feel it’s only fair to explain my absence. Brian has been very ill for the last few weeks. On and off, but we can’t find out what it is, despite all the tests.

I don’t think I can post anything when I feel distressed and frightened. There’s no benefit in doing so-to anyone.

I do hope to be back here soon.


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      1. Yes I understand I recently lost my little Ollie dog a few months ago. I miss him terrible everyday. They are a part of our family much like children. Hang in there! I know not knowing what’s going on is just as hard. Hopefully you’ll have some answers soon .


  1. That must be scary. I can’t even imagine.
    I don’t know what symptoms Brian is having, but once, our previous dog wouldn’t eat, was vomiting and was just really weak, and at first, our vet didn’t know what was wrong, but it turned out he had whipworms, which our regular dewormer didn’t treat. Because he was old, we really thought he was dying, it was that bad. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve had him checked for every possible thing, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. I was praying for Brian this morning, and I really hope everything works out okay. Sorry for the run-on sentences, I’m not good at typing on this tablet.

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    1. thank you – we’re hoping it’s just an infection (albeit a serious one) and the high white blood cells count just indicate his body is fighting…he’s much better now, will have more vet visits, but I hope he’ll be ok x

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  2. So sorry to hear this Alex, has he been tested for leishmania? There have been cases in Romania, even though it is rare there and it is more common among Spanish rescue dogs. It can be difficult to diagnose if not on the vet’s radar but apparently it is fairly easy to treat and manage. Sending healing thoughts and hope Brian will feel better soon xxx

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    1. Thank you! His blood and samples of urine and skin tissue have been sent to be checked for rare diseases now, I’ll ask my vet about leishmania tomorrow. Just googled it (as you do), even if I know I shouldn’t…

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  3. Oh dear. I too am praying for Brian- and, if you have a mind to, you can contact me via my blog? I do a lot of long distance diagnostic things on people AND animals. Might be of help.
    Anyway, we are holding you all in our best thoughts. Peace and love.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s such a helpless feeling when someone (can I refer to Brian as a someone?) you love is sick and you have no control over the outcome. My thoughts are with you.

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