Order restored


I might not like walking Brian and Lily separately, but it definitely works. Training is way easier and the progress faster. My life revolves around the dogs, so I have made changes in it first: my daily routine, the people I meet, the places I go to, the hours I work. After a hectic few months, filled with the strange sensation of not being where I wanted to be, I can finally see the order being restored: the sense of purpose and satisfaction.


I love the fact that dogs always sort my life out: they remind me of what is important, they make me stop and think, they make me take decisions I would otherwise be too scared to consider. It’s because of them that I find I can deal with much more I’d ever dare to imagine. Just having someone to rely on me is enough for me to do well 🙂


23 thoughts on “Order restored

  1. They both look really happy to be out and running around. Being able to have quality one on one time with them is great. Glad you are getting your routine sorted out too. Fortunately, Tippy doesn’t mind that my schedule is never quite the same any given day. She’s fine with anything.

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    1. it’s probably like any other relationship: they get used to us, we get used to them…it’s just important to pay attention to each other’s needs 🙂 x

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      1. or Hegel…I’m probably influenced by Marx, though-but more in socioeconomic sphere (I detest philosophy, though for some reason, I always end up reading philosophers-to analyse literature)

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      2. “If you want something very much, everything will happen: encounter, revolution, happiness…” I believe we learned that in middle school. I am sure you understand why Marx for us is almost a curse word. But I am curious: why do you detest philosophy?

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      3. And that brings me to a famous dilemma I pose to my ed psych students on the first day of the class: is education art or science? There is no answer, although I personally think that nowadays education tends to be more science-based (in terms of brain research) than philosophy, but this is “just personal.”


      4. I have some issues with the ‘exclusive’ nature of public schools. I am grateful my parents paid for my education (they were ordinary middle-class people, it was quite a commitment and I do appreciate it), but public schools create inequality (and sometimes also snobs), limit the ‘real life’ experiences, make social mobility hard…They contribute to a divided society, ‘us’ and ‘them’ – and that’s never a good thing.

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      5. Perhaps this is so in UK; you certainly know better. However, here, it’s not schools, public or private, that create inequality, but parents and the social environment. Equality and social mobility is not achieved by denying education to those who can; it could be achieved only by providing education equally to all, and that is, at this time, utopian. Therefore, at least some society members have to be well educated in order to to benefit the entire society, don’t they?


  2. I can see that your dogs, and any animals, make us live in the present moment in the world and see what is really important and beautiful, instead of being so goal-directed and driven. Wonderful thoughts!


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