Getting ready


We’re going to have a lot of visitors for Christmas, our routine is going to be violently disturbed. But I hope following some simple rules will make it enjoyable rather than stressful. And as it’s my house people must follow my rules.


The dogs are not to be approached unless they want it (all my friends and family know how to greet a dog anyway).

The dogs have safe space (one of the bedrooms upstairs) where no humans are allowed (well, apart from me an my husband, that is). Fresh water and dry food is provided there.

The dogs will have an extra long walk every day to provide them with exercise and prevent additional anxiety.

Newly introduced humans will have treats-to be taken or refused, whatever Lily and Brian decide. However, only calm greeting is rewarded with a treat.

The guests are not allowed to stare at the dogs (sideways stance/ sideways glance rule), chase them, try to grab them or behave in an irrational manner.

There are not going to be any children in our house, which makes it easier. The two people who Brian doesn’t know yet are (fortunately) women. I let him sniff at their slippers and a t-shirt (which he thinks is fascinating). Yes, I did ask them to provide the items beforehand, which they found slightly amusing.


I love Christmas and I love having my friends and family around then. I wouldn’t like my favourite time of the year to be a nightmare for the dogs. After all, they are my family, too and I want them to be happy and relaxed, surrounded by the sense of safety and love.

In case you wonder: I do have friends. Incidentally, all of them love dogs…



18 thoughts on “Getting ready

      1. The tree looks pretty ridiculous, though. The ‘seasonal obstacles’ have been moved to the top. It’s officially the funniest decorated tree ever… mainly decorated with cats (and baubles on top)…

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    1. Every day after work I expect the tree to be all over the house…so far, it’s still there (pretty bare, all decorations had to be moved to the top). My cats love Christmas (so many new things to destroy) and it’s going to be Brian’s first 🙂 I have lots of whisky to get me going, so even if the tree doesn’t survive, I will 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year! x


    1. Well, my preparations will not eradicate the inevitable carnage…we’re all doomed (that’s Christmas in my house). I love it, though, all the mess and disasters-we’re not a religious family, so for us it’s just a part of our culture and we use it to reassure everyone of our love -and madness! x

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  1. hello brian and lily its dennis the vizsla dog hay those all sownd like verry reezunabul rools to me!!! that shud keep krismas fun and sayf for evrywun!!! altho i kannot imadjin it wil be as mutch fun as yoo all seem to be havving with that tree!!! mary krismas to yoo frum us!!! ok bye

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  2. I am so sorry I missed this post!
    I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and what great sensible rules to ensure Brian and Lily enjoy themselves too.
    Love the tree 🙂 my tree ornaments migrate further upwards as the season progresses…
    I hope it’s all going really well and lots of love to you all from us 🙂 xxx

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