The others


I can only be responsible for my own dogs’ issues. I treat them seriously and address them immediately. Yet, I see people walking their reactive dogs and they seem to have the sense of entitlement. Everyone is supposed to know what’s wrong with their dog-and behave accordingly. Like the man we met today, who nearly hit my friend’s well-behaved dog who wanted to play with his dog. Shouting that his dog was scared after having been attacked. His dog was in a public, very popular dog-walking place, off the lead. The man shouted and we just stared at him: my friend, me and all our dogs. Angry, unhappy people. They project their fears and frustration onto the dogs, who are reactive and fearful as a consequence. It’s a vicious circle-as the owner gets even more tangled in the web of wrong responses and negative emotions.

I’ve always tried to make my (fearful, abused, with lots of bad baggage) dogs happy, confident, playful, but polite. So when I see how all the issues are actually created in a naturally happy and confident dog I’m sad.

We need to try to understand not judge: our dogs, other people, the world. There’s no point blaming others for everything that is wrong with the world.


18 thoughts on “The others

  1. It’s really not fair when people take their highly aggressive dogs to public places where other dogs go. My dog should not tense up when she sees another dog ahead, but she does, because of all the dogs we’ve passed that have lunged, barking and snapping, at her. I applaud people who rehabilitate these dogs, but if the dog can’t walk past another dog without feeling like they have to desperately defend themselves, they aren’t ready to be in a public place. And honestly, most of the people I’ve met were not even trying to rehabilitate their dogs, they just expected everyone to stay out of their way.

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    1. Well, people who train dogs with issues wouldn’t take an aggressive dog to a public park (all exercises in socialising an aggressive dog are planned, there are ‘trainer’ dogs to make the culprit less reactive and till that stage is well anchored the aggressive dog can’t be exposed to strange dogs). Aggression is hardly ever just that: it’s mostly triggered by something else and if the root of the problem is not found (and eradicated) there’s no point ‘training’ the dog.
      Well, the dog in question wasn’t aggressive-just scared-but it was the owner’s behaviour that was outrageous 😦

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  2. This post really hit home today. I’m sort of involved in a situation where an innocent dog might be euthanized for no other reason than an owner who is angry, manipulative, feels entitled ~ you get the picture. We DO project our emotions on our dogs and it’s truly sad that a dog should be punished because an owner failed to train properly, attempt to correct unwanted behaviors etc.

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      1. She was just awarded the dog back today (12 Oct) however I fear it has a target on her back due to the owner’s public flagellation of the town when in reality, the owner was WRONG.

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    1. Brian adopts the strangest positions to sleep…and makes the strangest noises πŸ™‚ His dog run away-but only after the owner’s idiotic reaction. The best example of teaching a dog how to be scared of polite dogs inviting him to say ‘hello’:( Sad, really 😦

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      1. That’s why it’s so important to socialise puppies, so they can be confident when meeting other dogs…but then you run into another issue of owners having their dogs vaccinated…maybe that’s more a feline problem though. With our stray problem I wouldn’t dare leave my lot you pointed out, all part of being a responsible owner πŸ™‚

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      2. Oh, the vaccinations! Or rather lack of them! It’s like a red rug to a bull…I really think it should be compulsory-there are still so many people claiming they can harm and when I refer them to a vet I hear: ‘oh, vets, all they care about is money’. I’m not good with people, me…probably because they verbalise their stupidity so proudly. Neutering and vaccinations hurt pets, but breeding them in large numbers, letting them roam the streets, get ill and die-that’s humane…sometimes I wonder why we were given this wonderful brain if we refuse to use it!

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      3. No, I agree. Farm animals have to have properly monitored standards of health-why not pets? The pain caused by neutering and vaccinations is minimal and fleeting. My cat Lily, is so little, having kittens would have possibly been life threatening.
        It’s lack of thought, lack of care and plain old “can’t be bothered” which makes me sad as sharing your life with animals is very rewarding πŸ™‚

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  3. Such a really great post. I’ve noticed a lot of the same things myself. Kind of sad for the dog. I try my best to make sure that my dogs are happy and well behaved. My happiest and proudest moment was when a service tech came over to my house and said “it’s so nice to come to a house where the dogs are happy”. I was instantly, and simultaneously, happy, proud, sad, and disheartened.
    I’m so happy for your dogs.

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  4. It’s one thing to walk your dog in a busy area, maybe for some socialization or exposure. They may not be doing it in a way that others might think is correct but if that’s the intention then that’s one thing. But OFF LEASH?! Seriously??? I have a whole string of really bad words going through my head right now.

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    1. Well, generally, if the dog is not to be trusted (for any reason) it’s highly irresponsible to let him/her off…there are long training leads precisely for this: training πŸ˜‰

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