Responsible ownership

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As always this time of year, I think a lot about our responsibilities as pet owners. It’s a huge subject, but I have prepared a short list with the points to consider BEFORE getting a pet.

  1. Never buy pets as presents. Seriously, there are no exeptions.
  2. Make sure you can afford a pet in terms of money and time.
  3. Do your research: use sources you can trust, beware of puppy farms and dishonest breeders. And as silly as it might sound: check the shelter, too (use genuine dog charities, public or private, doesn’t matter-all have to be registered and inspected).
  4. Pets are not a solution to every problem. If you’re in a bad place in your life you might need help not a dog.
  5. Follow your brain first. Then follow your heart. Love will make everything easier.
  6. 016
    my weird cat Ulysses

15 thoughts on “Responsible ownership

    1. I think it should be illegal to buy a dog if he can’t be traced. I believe in post-adoption checks, too. They are helpful as even small problems can be addressed then, advice to the new adopters given-contrary to some people’s beliefs, shelter workers are well qualified, very kind and understanding πŸ™‚

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  1. These are all great points, and I couldn’t agree more. When Fergus’ breeder and I were vetting each other, she told me she never let people take a puppy for a Christmas present — even if she had puppies ready for new homes in December, she’d make purchasers wait until after the holidays. She’s also one of those breeders who puts in the contract (another good test for a breeder or a shelter — a solid contract) that if the new owner can’t keep the dog for any reason, they must give it back to the breeder, not rehome or give to a shelter. When I broke a leg right after getting Fergus, she was ready to take him back! As if!!!

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    1. She seems a perfect breeder πŸ™‚ I hope there are soon going to be only people like her allowed to breed dogs…most breeders genuinely love dogs (just like most people who want one) but there are still too many puppy farms and buyers who support the horrible trade (mostly through their lack of knowledge). Lots of love to you and Fergus- he’s a lucky dog! x

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  2. I love your point #4. It’s so true, yet so many people do it. And then often find themselves over their heads, with vastly unrealistic expectations of the dog, and their overall life problems increasing/getting worse not decreasing. Love your #4. LOVE IT!

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    1. Thank you (that’s a really lovely comment) πŸ™‚ Pets are therapeutic, but if someone can’t take care of themselves, it’s not reasonable to think everything will get better if they have someone else to …fail to take care of 😦
      It’s the same mistake as having a baby to save your relationship…someone is bound to suffer.

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  3. Every one of your five points is on target. Unfortunately, where I live many people are extremely uneducated and/0r don’t want to change their ways. Just today, I ran into a lady at the bank who was upset because it’s getting cold here. Seems her neighbors have a G. Shepherd who lives in a pen 24/7 without attention. He does not have a dog house and for awhile, he wasn’t even able to get out of the wind. The lady at the bank said she’d called animal control several times, but they tell her to call the police and she hates to do this to her neighbors who are otherwise responsible. It’s SO sad.

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    1. It really is awful and sad when things like that happen. We need to react in situations like that-hopefully some fines or even a ban on keeping dogs will teach people dogs are not objects 😦 Maybe your friend can talk to the neighbours…well, it’s never easy, is it? I hope it works out well one way or the other 😦 x


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