The love of money

(is the root of all evil)

Brian has eaten the sofa, countless pairs of shoes, he destroys at least one toy and one harness a day. He had a period of chewing the walls, so we need to redecorate the house. He likes digging and he tried to dig in the house, too, so the carpets need to be replaced (and possibly the kitchen floor, too).


But, then, who cares, really?

Some people do. I used to have a conversation about money with any potential adopter. Dogs can be expensive, even if they are nothing like Brian. The insurance or vet bills, the food and training, the toys and grooming. Some dogs are healthy and have no behavioural problems, they thrive on reasonably inexpensive food and play with any toy. But if material things (carpets, shoes, sofas, laptops) are very important in someone’s life, I’d probably try to discourage them from adopting a dog.




36 thoughts on “The love of money

    1. Oh, well, it does a bit 😉 I don’t really miss my cheap shoes, but I must admit I did feel pangs of pain when I saw the remains of the very expensive ones… but nothing will ever be more important or valuable than my dogs (or my cats, they can destroy a lot, too). Brian is learning, so I hope it’ll all stop soon 🙂 x

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      1. Speaking as one who has seen their expensive collectable china go hurtling irretrievably to the floor I feel your pain…but I was trying to be positive and cheerful…plus the fact Brian may have seen expensive shoes as useless because would you walk him wearing them…? 🙂 x

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      2. Oww, cats and china…it’s almost as if they knew which one is the rare and expensive sort…They are so sweet when they play, though 🙂 As to Brian:I took him to work yesterday, he chewed a cable and caused some sort of power cut in all building. Everyone said they still love him (but some of my colleagues didn’t sound sincere at all!) x

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      3. Ah. That beats £150 of Poole collectable pottery…when my little dog was a puppy, she chewed through the telephone cable three times. I was terrified in case she ever turned her attention to something with a higher voltage…tabasco sauce. One application ( to cable not dog ) and she never chewed another cable! Not an ideal method, but I think the smell put her off as there were no signs she’d even touched the cable, thank goodness 🙂 x

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      4. Thank you 🙂 I thought about it (well, Worcester sauce, since we live in Worcester) but I’m not sure the IT service company would approve…x

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  1. Don’t we spend money on our children… their whims and fancies…. dogs are not expensive if a comparison is made. It’s priceless love and devotion. Money spent on a family member is never counted on profit or lots basis. Those who do… don’t deserve dogs

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. But then, there are some people, who are not responsible when it comes to children, either. I’m not saying we need to spend money lavishly on our pets (or indeed, children) but I’ve seen people giving up a dog because he/she had chewed on furniture-and that’s simply wrong.

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  2. Having taken on a 10-month-old Jack Russell earlier this year I know exactly what you mean!! However!! The love and companionship I get far outweighs any cost. I’m not materialistic, I don’t need loads of money, just as long as I have enough for everything my daughter and pup need I’m happy!

    I heard people say ‘we don’t have the dog in the living room, he malts’. My reply is simple – WHY HAVE A DOG THEN??!! That’s what they do! I also think these ‘mixed breeds’ don’t help. Breeding a dog so it doesn’t malt or so it’s small enough to fit in a bag is wrong!! If you don’t like fur everywhere or you can’t be bothered to walk it you shouldn’t have a dog!

    Sorry! Rant over!! x

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    1. Well, I love your (sensible) approach 🙂 And we should never, ever breed dogs for their looks. Breeds like Cavalier King Charles are the best example of how our stupidity can create a breed living in pain to die a miserable death. I’m not against any breed or mix, but dogs should be bred to be healthy (physically and mentally) not to suit our-ever changing-aesthetic tastes. x

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      1. Exactly!! Dogs are individuals and are there for companionship. They’re not fashion items or there to be bred to fit in. We need to fit in around them!!

        I hope check for an animal sanctuary and it breaks my heart to hear the stories. There’s so many ‘we don’t have the time….’ or ‘it didn’t like….’ Dogs are for life so before you get one you should think ‘where will I be in 10+ years’ and decide if that’s OK for the dog, then get one or not. Yeah, unplanned things happen, Roxy came to us because of an unplanned pregnancy. There’s no way she’d get the attention she needs with a baby in the house. Its those that get a dog when they know there’s big changes that upset me. Its not the dogs fault but it’s the dog that pays.

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      1. Well, I’m about to buy 2 sofas as we’re going to pretend to be a normal family for Christmas (my Mum’s visiting) – I’m sure both the cats and Brian will love them…the old ones are all scratched and chewed, simply horrible (poor, neglected pets)…

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  3. It’s not so much the “stuff” that makes me worry about the cost of dogs (although we do love in rented housing so try really bloody hard to prevent house damage!!!) it’s more the cost of unexpected vet bills. Even when we have a nice chunk of money saved away I still worry about that a lot…my biggest fear is one of my pups getting ill, so it ties into that.

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    1. I know, Ardbeg’s vet bills were well over £7000 (and I knew he was going to die anyway, it was just to keep him pain-free for as long as it was possible). I pay a lot for the pets’ insurance, but I’m paranoid I might not be able to provide the best care for them when they need it. I’m probably quite extreme (any pets I leave behind have a trust to make sure they will be taken care of – it’s the main reason I have actually made my Will) but 1. I am a control freak 2.they really are my family.
      It’s quite a complex matter: money and love combined (I hate what’s happening at some vet’s practices, where they add unnecessary procedures just to get more money from the insurance).

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      1. Our vets are absolutely ludicrous with their fees, and any way they can squeeze extra appts out of you they will…from things like asking for unnecessary check-ups to booking an appt to remove disolveable stitches (I called them out on this and they admitted there was no need for it at all) and the most recent one is saying that Poodles need to be put under a general anaesthetic to have their ears plucked…I’ve literally NEVER heard (or read!) anyone say that’s ever needed to happen before!

        We stayed with them despite huge prices and shoddy treatment because there’s one vet at that surgery who treats my pets how I want to see them treated, but I didn’t like the things she recommended last time we saw her, so we’re in the process of moving practices. It’s really annoying because a 30+ minute drive away there’s a really progressive surgery, but we have zero way to get there and taxi fees on top of the vet bill would be impossible…


  4. He is such a Sweety. Just let him get on with it. Stuff doesn’t really matter.
    His love and companionship is so much more rewarding. I know, because with my
    dog Tina I also often get a messy house and things get broken. I don’t mind.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 well, I’m infatuated with Brian (though I teach him toys and shoes are NOT the same) I don’t really care, to be honest, he’s the sweetest dog in the world 🙂


  5. But in the end, you can’t take the shoes, sofa, and carpet with you. What is more meaningful is that you brought joy to another life. That’s what it’s all about.

    Elly, my lab puppy, broke a $350. Gone with the Wind Lamp, ate a $35. rosebush, my house slippers, my favorite booties, my bed cover, several bed sheets, her cloth bed, a book, and lots of other stuff I can’t remember at the moment, but I wouldn’t give her up for the world. We are nuts about each other.

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    1. I would never dare to try and answer philosophical questions, but I guess doing things for others keep us sane. And sanity is vital to stay alive 😉 I’ve read about the theory why modern humans rather than Neanderthals survived: they cooperated better-and communicated better (it was a linguistically influenced theory). So it’s the survival of the less selfish ones as they adapt better. There’s a similar theory on canis familiaris – dogs who cooperated with humans better were more likely to survive…Well, they are just theories, but, who knows?

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      1. there’s more research in chimpanzees and bonobos (the latter are the cooperating ones) but even the wolf/dog comparison proves there’s something in it (wolves bred in captivity will still be mistrustful of humans, unlike dogs- it seems the dogs genes have been modified so much they are pre-programmed to ‘like’ humans)

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