Hello darkness, my old enemy

The photos are not relevant to the post. Darkness is not something I would or could photograph.

maybe we need to move somewhere else

I find it very hard to walk in the morning when it’s dark. Well, it’s a combination of multiple factors: 1.the only proper place near my house to walk the dogs is along the canal, but for reasons beyond my comprehension, there are no lamps there 2.all other dog walkers in the neighbourhood use it as well (as it’s the only proper place to walk the dogs) 3 it seems everyone starts work at the same time and either walks their dogs or cycles to work so the path is crowded with people and dogs walking and cycling in darkness. I don’t think dogs cycle, but I might be wrong-I can’t see 4. Lily doesn’t seem to like anything she can’t see, so she barks at anything and everything 5. Brian does whatever Lily tells him to-and then some more.

like Scotland…

My favourite morning walks need to be swapped for something else as I don’t really want Brian to learn to be a monster. The days are getting shorter, so the evening walks can also only be conducted in similar conditions. My husband walks the dogs in the afternoon – and I take them out for a short walk on my lunch break. They can access the garden all the time, so it’s not a question of them being tortured with no loo breaks. It’s a questions of principles. Work days are four walks: two long ones and two shorter ones. Now it’ll have to be three shorter ones and just one that is relatively long. One fewer possibility to learn something, to socialise properly, to be exposed to humans of all sorts. And it’s all because I’m just a human with my imperfect human vision. I see colours but I’ve lost the nocturnal vision.

rural Scotland…

To avoid accusations of being irresponsible: I do use a torch. The dogs have flashing collars. We look like Christmas trees on a parade. Still, darkness combined with overcrowding is a recipe for disaster.


21 thoughts on “Hello darkness, my old enemy

  1. Yes, it can be hazardous. Mum being retired just makes her walks a little later, at least the clocks are going back this weekend. Brian has a wonderful curly tail 🙂 and Lily’s face in that last photo, she just looks so wise and intelligent 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you for complimenting the dogs (the surest way to my heart) 🙂 We stayed in the little park this morning and witnessed a cyclist with no lights on (it was pitch black this morning) running into a dog. No injuries, but just confirms my worst fears…

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      1. How could I not compliment them 🙂 they’re lovely! Yes…it’s not good when these areas are poorly lit. Our council has cut back on lighting and actual hours of street lighting-there’s already been a couple of unpleasant incidents. Stay safe x

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      2. Well, we’ve been attacking our council about it (mostly because of crime, really) but, so far, no spectacular results…when something major happens, they send police patrols for a few days…it does help with building the community spirit, we seem to be rather helpful and quick to react when we see something dodgy -so, maybe that’s their policy 😉

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      1. hah, I don’t think we’ll ever ‘put pressure’ on anyone…last year we sent a polite letter signed by 12 people, we had some police patrols for some time -and the police officers were lovely (dog lovers, which helps). We’ll never start a revolution …

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      2. I think it was Nelson Mandela who said something about revolutions starting with one person… Polite letters don’t always help; impolite letters are more effective, and so are sit-ins, media involvement, and other more forceful moves.

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      3. I don’t think it’s in our blood…your comments have made me think, however. We don’t actually complain, we just ‘notify’ the Council. Hard to break the habit, though…

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      4. Simon and Garfunkel aside, I don’t think human behaviors are a matter of blood; rather, they are socially predicated. You know it as much as I do. I hate to quote Karl Marx, but he once wrote, “If there is a strong desire, everything will happen: meeting, revolution, happiness.” Forgive the approximate translation, but replacing “desire” with “motivation” truly does make everything happen!

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  2. We sympathize with your darkness blues. We live north of the Arctic Circle. Where we live, the sun goes below the horizon in late November and doesn’t come up again until the middle of January. For almost two months we don’t see even a little bit of the sun. But we have the Northern Lights and lots of white show. When the sun comes back there is a celebration. The humans get a special kind of donut and cacao but we cats don’t get anything special 😦
    From Lola & Sasha at 2 Blogging Cats – https://2bloggingcats.wordpress.com/

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  3. I feel your pain. We have a nice bike/dog/hike trail in here Roseville on misnamed Dry Creek, on which for some reason they want us to Keep Left. I feel like it’s 1971 and I’m back on R&R Down Under flinching at passing traffic on the ‘wrong’ side from Sidney (Siny) to Surfer’s Paradise.

    I’m a cyclist and I walk our Dachshund, Gertrude-Queen of Denmark [Gerts or Gertie], most days on the trail and as wide and nice as the trail is you must stay alert with your eyes peeled (sounds painful) every second biking or strolling. Kids and the oblivious phone-gazer will wander in front of your speeding Schwinn; that young man in the violently colored NASCAR jersey with tight pants and athletic thighs hates slowing down his $5,000 carbon bike for pedestrians and will steer around at flank speed-good luck to us all.

    Luckily I’m retired so can schedule walks and rides for daylight, but I keep Gerts on a leash with body harness so I can quickly haul her 9 lbs and I stay to the verges. Biking I use a [polite] bike bell or it’s “on your left” all day. I agree with you that most dogs like and need regular walks, yet most of my neighbors never walk them. Good Luck

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    1. I like your comment so much I just had to ‘follow’ you…with some slight modifications (no Gertie, no bike, no retirement) your words are my thoughts! Spooky 😉


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