Mess can create order

not sure if Charlie enjoys Brian’s cuddles…

Having an eight-months old dog means there’s no way our house can look reasonably tidy. There are cherry tomatoes all over the bed, twigs and pebbles buried in the cushions on the sofa, half-eaten treats, badly abused dog toys and shredded leaflets in every single room. Brian is energetic and curious. Everything even vaguely chewable needs to be chewed, the best chewable toys make a lot of noise (plastic bottles, the cats’ toys) or can be returned back to the particle stage of their existence (loo rolls, paper towels). He’s experimenting and it takes a lot of time to explain to him that some toys are not toys at all.

thick as thieves

He loves Charlie and Charlie seems to be extremely patient with him. I’m mainly exhausted – trying to incorporate Brian’s training into my rather busy schedule. And I’m happy. Picking up remains of things I can’t recognise, vacuuming yet again, constantly checking if things that really should not be eaten are out of Brian’s reach I can’t stop smiling. Β He’s young and full of life, he drives me crazy and, paradoxically, keeps me sane.

she seems so sensible compared to Brian

And then, my sweet little Lily gives me cuddles and kisses, makes sure that no matter what I do I’m not alone, brings me a hedgehog or two to hold for her while she’s chewing on it. She looks at me understandingly, as if to say: ‘some dogs are SO stupid’. And being a reasonable (and very clever) girl she’s carries on being mischievous as soon I’m duped into trusting her.

‘good girls’ are overrated

There are many things in life that I wish I had more of (sleep, time, patience). But love is plentiful here – and love makes my world go round.


27 thoughts on “Mess can create order

  1. That’s awesome that there’s so much adventure even though it can be tiring. It’s also lovely to see the animals getting along. I love the cuties and I don’t even know them lol! BTW the pic of Brian cuddling Charlie is priceless lol!

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Charlie and Brian seem to like being close (though Charlie looks slightly uncomfortable in the photo) πŸ™‚


  2. The instant I read “There are cherry tomatoes all over the bed…” I started laughing. While some people might find this infuriating I love that dogs are the same the world over & we never know what to expect!

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  3. My three little girls are all grown now but I recently minded a friend’s 4 month old cavoodle for a week. I had forgotten how much fun – and how much work – it was to have a pup around the house again. I loved every moment of it. Your Brian is adorable and Charlie and Lily obviously very patient! You have a lovely little family.


  4. Loved this post! I was sad to hear that my brother thinks a dog, is just a dog! I, on the contrary, think the exact opposite. He thinks we should be crating her, but I don’t want to and our method is working awesomely. I want to treat my 11 week old as an equal, she is doing amazingly well. She gets lots of attention, love, playing inside and outside, walks, we talk, we play, and then sometimes I have to go make dinner and she is then very cool with that…. she is getting to know the schedule and goes along with what’s happening! To each their own, I guess, but to me, animals have just as much value than human beings do! And then I told my brother, my dog is not just a dog, she is just as important as I am or you! πŸ™‚


  5. You have just described my 9 month old husky as you described Brian. So house is chewed, toys are every where including in my chair that I am currently sitting in, and my lap is where she goes when she needs a cuddle that would be all 46 lbs of her. Love that you allow Brian to be himself even as you train him.


      1. Both cats go outside, fortunately Charlie hides even when he sees me with the dogs (till we are close enough for him to recognise us and pretend it was going to be an ambush). All the cats in the neighbourhood are outdoor cats, so people would think we’re cruel keeping ours in…(though I found it difficult to let them out first, I’m slightly paranoid)

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      2. Cats do have a very sharply honed survival instinct, so hopefully, both of them are safe. Mine are strictly indoors as South Beach is definitely not a safe place, and I am not slightly, but completely paranoid about them.


  6. hello brian its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i am impressd that yoo hav mayd sutch gud frends with yore cat brother!!! if i had ever tryed to do that to my sister trouble the kitty i wood hav lost an eye and posibly my entire nose!!! ha ha ok bye


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