Brian’s photo first to make you feel better

This post contains images some readers might find upsetting. Vegans are advised to progress with caution.

we might need more than one ‘non-offensive’ photo…

As the previous post was about my favourite food, it’s only fair that this one is about the dogs’  most popular dinner.

Giblets-selection no.1



chicken stomachs (1 lb)

chicken liver (1 lb)

(you can use any other part of the bird, but this is Lily and Brian’s choice)

vegetables – in this case only runner beans (again, their choice)

home-made chicken and vegetable stock (sweat chicken carcass and any meat on the bone with carrots, celeriac, parsnip, broccoli, cauliflower -you can use stems for this, for about 2 hours, sieve, leave to cool, divide into smaller portions and freeze)

herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, sage, coriander, parsley, marjoram )

ground flaxseed (brown and yellow -or ‘golden’)



investigate the offal: it should smell fresh, have red/pink colour and be rather firm and plump – discard any suspicious looking grey or yellow bits

wash it in cold water, if it hasn’t been cleaned for you: despair… (and then remove the yellow bits on the liver and hard tissue parts of the stomachs)

leave the liver in cold water and place the stomachs in the pot

add the stock, herbs, seeds and veg

cover and bring to boil, then simmer for about 20-30 minutes

add the liver minus the cold water

bring to boil and simmer for about 5 minutes – it’s very delicate, the protein breaks easily and you’ll see it’s done as it’ll change the colour (it becomes sad and grey)

That’s it, ready: it’s my dogs’ favourite dish 🙂

from left: Charlie’s, Lily’s and Brian’s dinner (Ulysses is too posh to eat peasants’ food)
Charlie (the cat) doesn’t like beans…



21 thoughts on “Gutted

    1. Thank you 🙂 Heart is good (lean and being red meat, really nutritious). I try not to give them liver too often but they absolutely love it …I think if I do a post about pigs trotters or turkey necks I’ll lose ALL the readers 😉

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    1. Pig trotters and ox tongue take ages, but you just pop them into a pot and they happily boil away…sort of. Ox (beef) tongue (boiling time, depending on the size of the beast: about 3 hours) is hardcore because of the peeling. Turkey or chicken necks are ‘edible bones’-they don’t need long (kind of like chicken or any poultry – it’s more about making sure all the bad bacteria is thoroughly killed in the heat). As a vegan owner of dogs and cats, I think they like the weirdest things just to spite me…

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      1. If I do, I remove the claws and the long, bone-so I basically just give them the tiny ‘finger’ bones and the tissue (cartilage and skin). My vet has told me some gory stories, so I make sure no brittle bones are anywhere near the dogs 😉

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    1. Thank you, he really is sweet 🙂 You haven’t missed much, it’s just my dogs’ favourite dish… I’m a weird vegan and I’m probably less bothered with handling odd cuts of meat than my meat-eating husband 😉


      1. Although I am a cat, not a dog, I also like what you call “offal” and consider it a delicacy. As kids, we used to compete for those chicken necks, stomachs, and hearts – there is only one of each to a chicken, after all! As to livers, it is also one of the traditional Roch Hashana foods specifically given to children with a blessing to grow healthy and to live honest lives. My kids are all grown up, so I don’t do it any more, but that’s where all the chopped liver recipes come from.

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  1. I have recently found a kitten abandoned in the street and I have been taking care of a dog in a hostel here in Cambodia I’m completely vegan and I promised myself I would never ever touch meat, fish or dairies in my life… I was wrong, despite my belief, I now cook fish and meat on a daily basis for the kids: Pippi the kitten and Lucky the dog. I immediately thought of you and this article the first time I cooked meat and fish again; I just wanted to share this experience with you to let you know that sometimes even vegan people have to break a few rules in the name of love However, I’m only cooking vegan for the humans who want to eat my food!


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