We have lots in common

84% of DNA for example…

Lily wins all the battles, no matter how hard Brian’s trying…

I know I risk being accused of anthropomorphising dogs. The thing is, many trainers are scared of expressing their belief that dogs have emotions. We have a lot of evidence they do, so science does back us up ( Marc Bekoff , Coren-you can’t read all his books online, but there are lots of free articlesÁ. Miklósi, Kis + Topal and, of course Darwin, who was not as wrong as we previously thought…)

I know some links are to an extract of the book, not the book itself, but the poor researchers have to eat, so feel free to buy the book. Nope, I’m not affiliated 🙂

tired and happy (my favourite dog state)

Dogs are not like three-year-old children because they are not humans. You will never hear me using this (as common as it is wrong) expression because I wouldn’t feel comfortable oversimplifying facts to that degree . Which doesn’t mean we can’t describe certain emotions in human terms and use tests we use for human babies.

Dogs are not wolves, either-yet people feel more comfortable comparing these two.

Funny how truth becomes less important than peer pressure. Even funnier: in ten years we’ll be ashamed to admit we supported views not based on the research that is now ‘new’.

I’m old enough to have seen it before…


14 thoughts on “We have lots in common

      1. True that! I can almost always trick Cosmo into giving me his bone and he’s really smart for a boy Dog. Woofs and Wags, Stella

        P.S. We think we may have gotten our Humans to share at least 90% of our DNA, what with all the lick therapy we perform on them daily.

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  1. “Funny how truth becomes less important than peer pressure.” Absolutely! In all of life as well as in dog training. I agree completely that dogs have emotions. So do most other animals. Let one animal in a closely bonded pair or group pass away and you will have no doubt that they feel in an emotional sense.

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  2. *I* think it is part of the weird culture we’ve built up over the past several hundred years, this business of people thinking they are the only ones with thoughts and feelings. Anyone who has spent even a MINUTE with an animal, wild or domestic, knows they think, feel, have senses of humor….the whole nine yards. It’s just a different configuration, they are not us….but we share so many things that it would be absurd not to communicate on that basis and try and Learn Something. Thank you for listening!

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  3. This made me think of a great book I’m reading, that you might like, by a scientist: Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans De Waal. It’s so much fun reading about how intelligent animals are.

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    1. I think cats are extremely sensitive and emotional. Some more than others 🙂 Ulysses is a nightmare, he needs a lot of fuss first-then I can touch the ‘dirty’ dogs. If I neglect him he sulks for ages. I don’t actually neglect him…but sometimes he thinks I do 🙂

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