When you’re not quite well


Do not take a day off. Leave your house or you’re going to be submitted to a thorough scrutiny and then abuse.


If you’re well enough to go to the toilet, you’re well enough to play. And biting you on the nose when you’re asleep brings you back to life in no time.


There’s no better medicine than a house full of Β dogs and cats. And definitely no stronger motivation to go back to work.


26 thoughts on “When you’re not quite well

      1. Lol, cats must be quite similar in those ways haha. My cat hardly has a voice so loudness is usually not a problem… if he can’t reach my face or any other part of me, he makes up for it by knocking things off of ledges, tables, etc. He’s quite the character and he’s a cutie!

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  1. Our Human Mommy called in sick today before she read your blog. We did everything we could to rejuvenate her, including the enthusiastic barking of not one but two Dog operas. She’s getting up now. We are pretty sure we cured her. Woofs and Wags, Cosmo and Stella

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      1. Lol!! They definitely have potential…Boris was named after Boris Johnson. He appeared at the same time Mr.Johnson’s political future was uncertain…I’m sure there’s a connection there somewhere!


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