Three supercharged reasons to adopt a dog


1 It makes you feel better. In all possible ways. It justifies your existence, builds your self-esteem, provides reasons for you being born in the first place (saving a life-try to beat this). You can look in the mirror and say ‘hello Hero, you’re not all that bad’.



2 You get more popular. You have to go out. Most people trust someone with a rescue dog more (‘she must be kind and caring’). You meet dog walkers and dog lovers everywhere, their dog stories never end. You’re very likely to meet your Mr or Mrs Right thanks to your dog.


3 You are loved. Unconditionally and always. Your dog would die for you-because you saved his life.


17 thoughts on “Three supercharged reasons to adopt a dog

  1. Our previous dog was a rescue, but Molly is a purebred through and through. She was a gift from my brother who used to breed German Shorthaired Pointers. (Not that she was a surprise; he asked us and we agreed. I certainly wouldn’t recommend just giving someone a puppy without warning.) Ohmygosh, was she cute as a puppy. No way we could’ve said no to her little face! But I wouldn’t hesitate to rescue a dog. Perhaps the next one we get.

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