Show off

It’s not really a post. But I’m in love with Lily so, here you go.


I like how she poses for the camera. Every time. She loves being in the centre of attention. When I pick up my phone (and I have three of them) she’s already watching me: is it by any chance a photo opportunity?


When she sees the camera, she knows (well, I don’t use the camera for anything else, after all). She’s a born model 🙂

You wouldn’t believe that just over a year ago she was hiding from people, scared of her own shadow, cowering in the corner ready to defend herself with her little teeth when someone came too close.

I love her. I think she’s beautiful. It’s not an informative post, I know -but I just want to announce to the world (or at least the wordpress community) that I love this little beauty.


35 thoughts on “Show off

    1. Thank you 🙂 I know I might be blinded by love, but, well…I love the fact she’s so different from the little bundle of sorrow my husband brought home over a year ago (after the longest battle for a dog in our lives). I’m proud of my little girl 🙂 x

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