Animal friendly house

Two things have inspired me to write it. The first was a comment from Dolly koolkosherkitchen, the second: our (mine & Hedgehog’s a.k.a ‘the husband’s’) conversation a couple of days ago.

george 1
George the pocket snake

We like animals. Most of our pets are ‘accidental’. We try not to discriminate against anyone for any reason (colour, origin, species, breed, size, messiness or smell). I can’t force myself to like ladybirds, but nobody’s perfect.


George and the human AlexΒ 


Two days ago, me and Hedgehog saw two spiders in the kitchen. One was substantially bigger than the other who was devouring the giant’s leg (three time the size of him). We stood in the kitchen for a moment, watching with concern as the little one seemed to be picking at the big one with ever increasing fury. They were beyond our reach. ‘Why do they do that?’ I asked ‘I don’t know’ answered Hedgehog. ‘Are spiders territorial? Maybe the little one is just protecting his home?’ he added. I looked at him. ‘but I thought it was our home’. Hedgehog looked at me and said seriously: ‘I’m not going to fight the spider’.

He wouldn’t. We don’t kill anyone who finds shelter in our house.

I wanted to illustrate the post with photos of Alex and the finches, but Alex is shedding and doesn’t wish to be photographed when he’s not quite decent. And Pip and Poppy need a better photographer (all I can see is the cage). I’ll try harder and will introduce them to you.

we do have two zebra finches, seriously…



19 thoughts on “Animal friendly house

  1. I can handle anything but a snake. Oh my gosh! Sorry, but I just can’t. I let them live, but they will not be residing inside my house. Ferrets are also on my list – just too sneaky. LOL But, I am glad that you are an animal lover. Someone needs to be able to care for them. It’s just not my “talent.” I’ll stick to dogs. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I know, Hedgehog’s Mum has a phobia…That’s why my snakes have been hidden from the blog for so long πŸ™‚ They’re not really pets in my opinion, but we have them, so they’ll stay (and I love them, though I probably love Alex a bit more than George-the one in the photo-as George is grumpy and Alex is always happy and playful) x

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      1. When George is grumpy, he simply avoids any contact, he gives you quick warning flicks of the tongue and moves rather quickly. He does not want to be handled at all then πŸ˜‰ Alex is generally much more friendly, he comes out as soon as he sees me, he teases our cat Ulysses (he plays a weird version of ‘hide and seek’ or ‘peekaboo’. He looks straight at me when he wants to be taken out and makes sure I can see him (coming close to the glass entrance panel). The flicks of the tongue are less frequent and not so fast (he’s ‘sniffing’). Alex is very playful, he likes swinging from my hand when I move it quickly up and down πŸ™‚

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    1. I have two dogs, two cats, two snakes and two zebra finches. I volunteer for a small dog charity (for severly abused dogs) where I work with fearful dogs (and later, if needed with their new owners). I’m not particularly patient with people but I get on well with animals. Most of our pets have always been rescues (my dogs tend to be ‘not suitable for adoption’, apart from Brian, who is a Romanian rescue).

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  2. I like almost all animals, but spiders, I just can’t handle; I had a traumatic spider experience of sorts when I was five years old. The stupid thing is, I don’t even remember it, I only know what my parents have told me, but ever since then, I’ve been afraid of the perfectly harmless little things.
    “It’s just a little spider,” I say to myself. “There’s no possible way it could hurt you even if it wanted to.”
    “OMG it’s evil and you have to either kill it or get as far away as possible,” says some part of my brain that apparently has more control over me than the logical part of my brain. Sigh.

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  3. I’m like you, I welcome all animals. I have a cobweb infestation at my side door with dozens of spiders in them. They don’t bother me and keep so many other hugs away I let them set up a whole condo complex. It freaks out some friends, but they deserve to live and do their job, and they aren’t a bother, so why not?

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  4. George is beautiful! Thank you for introducing him to your faithful readers. Now I have to respond with finding a photo of Diana, my cousin’s snake, kissing me on the nose. Thank you for linking me in, and most of all, thank you for not killing the spiders! I am full of old country superstitions, and inasmuch as I wouldn’t take them seriously, I think spiders are best left alone, just in case.


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