Bonding tips for modern dog owners

switch off your phone, look at the ones that matter

By ‘modern’ I mean ‘busy’. I would never dare to use being busy as an excuse to neglect my dogs’ emotional needs (or any other need for that matter).

morning walks are just for us

Obviously, the more time you spend with your dog, the better. If you can take your dog to work, do. Take a trip to the pet shop together, go to a dog-friendly pub, visit your dog-loving friends. If you can take your dog shopping, do-but never leave your dog waiting in front of the shop while you’re ‘having fun’ inside. Make sure you don’t cause stress or discomfort – only do what your dog enjoys, ‘bonding’ will never convey ‘forcing’.

I love Brian and I want him to know I do.

But it’s more about quality. Daily walks are a must (if you’re too busy to do that, don’t get a dog). Walk consciously, use the time to play and interact with your dog. Look at him, touch him, train a bit- but have fun in the first place.


Groom your dog. It takes a just few minutes and you can make sure he knows your touch is good. Talk to him in a soft voice, place your head next to his and let him sniff at you, see you and feel relaxed with you being close. Focus on him, even if it’s five minutes, let the time be just for you two. Don’t think about anything else then and he will know he matters.

Brian is learning to look at me -and I’m learning, too

I look into my dogs’ eyes. My eyes are then soft and smiling gently. All my dogs have learnt to look into my eyes -I call it oxytocin loading.

It doesn’t take much to show affection, to show you care, to give your dog undivided attention. Three minutes here, five there-and it does make a difference.



21 thoughts on “Bonding tips for modern dog owners

  1. Two of my three did have been infected by protozoa fever… Tick fever. It took a change of vet to diagnose it after being treated wrongly for a month. For past one week I’m at home looking after them… They have become so week….😢


      1. Absolutely did you see a to programme this week that studies show an increase of 55% in levels of Oxytocin after owners play and touch their dogs. Wowza!! 🙏🏻

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      2. Ha! I remeber when I first read something about it, I had to show it to my husband with ‘I told you!’ written all over my face…I like studies (me and Lily registered for their research some time ago, it’s great) 🙂


      1. Cats are actually very loving (I generally have food or treats lol) they are just not as demonstrative as dogs, I think…although upon reflection, there is an element of slavery involved as I go charging off to the only supermarket for miles around that sells the only brand of catfood they eat! :)x

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      2. Ulysses can be very affectionate. But then, he can be a bully as well. He’s just very complex, I guess. I think cats are brilliant at teaching us respect. They will never respond to any form of punishment-and I admire them for it. I don’t think we deserve them, really (and I am serious here)
        My cats like some food for some time, then look offended when I offer it to them. I used to think they only like very expensive food, but I was wrong. They like what I currently can’t offer…though Charlie is easier, he likes whatever the dogs are having in their bowls (he loves chicken liver and free-range beef) x

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      1. Ha, I see the corruption and bribery more as being fair (if I expect to get something, I pay for it). But dogs are easier, they don’t have the ability to process and analyse the events buried in long-term memory (most researchers say they don’t actually have long term memory as such)

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      2. Most of the kids I had worked with had limited or delayed processing ability and short term memory deficiency. Their long term memory runs interference with current events, so the result is, of course, different, but the approach is still the same.

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