Drop your ego


There’s no shame in admitting we might not be the best at everything. Whenever I see a dog displaying a desirable behaviour I watch her interaction with the owner. I do ask questions, too, but watching works better as people often can’t pinpoint precisely what they do that is right. In the same way as they can’t pinpoint what they do wrong.


The process of learning never ends. But it starts with admitting we don’t know everything.


No two dogs are the same, I learn something new from each of them. I also learn from everyone I meet, sometimes by simply noticing their mistakes and not repeating them.


There’s a saying I like: ‘if you think you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time to change rooms’.


15 thoughts on “Drop your ego

  1. That’s a great saying : ) and lovely post too. Lily looks so cute! How tall is Brian now? Just wondering how big he’ll be when he’s grown up..I like the continual learning process, it benefits both dog and owner, showing an open mind x

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Only Brian’s legs seem to be growing, really…He’s kind of whippet size, maybe slightly bigger, but weighs nearly 3 stone! Lily looks smaller and smaller (though you can’t see it in the photos, she’s usually much closer to the camera!). I have to remind myself to stop competing and just learn from other people, but I find it easy to accept I can learn from the dogs 😉 Maybe because I don’t expect them to judge me 🙂 x

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      1. It’s nice to have a size comparison : ) you can never properly judge from a picture. We went to the vets today and there was a tiny chihuahua there..I wonder what my cats would think to a dog so small…! We were talking to a man there as well who said he loves his dog because they don’t judge and through him he’s learning to trust other people again x

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      2. My friend has a cat that’s half sized. She’s (the cat, not the friend) a rescue and she had a bad start- I’m not quite sure if that is the reason, but she’s cute – and she’s the most ferocious beast in the world! She puts five other cats and two dogs in their places 🙂

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      3. Lol! You may have something there..I’ve known a couple of human Mollys, pretty fierce…! It never ceases to surprise me, animals’ individual characters- might be the same species but my four are all so different and it’s the same with dogs of course : )x

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