A kingdom for some sleep

King Richard, Duke of Gloucester: A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!*

Alex, multiple pets household dweller: Some sleep, some sleep! My kingdom for some sleep!**


Brian The Diggah’s treasure (excavated last night)


I’m insomniac and it doesn’t help that there’s a dog or a cat awake in my house at any given time of the day or night. They all seem to have different schedules and my sleep is not included in any of them.

Very proud of himself, too!

Last night, Brian got bored so he rummaged in his garden treasury and brought an ancient, mainly decomposed, smelly object (his chewable treat? a part of a dinosaur’s bone? a piece of wood from Noah’s ark?)

butter wouldn’t melt

Then he went on to rest in Lily’s bed and started chewing the wall. As you do at three o’clock in the morning.

now, let’s get some sleep…

I’m sure in a few years I’ll miss all his funny ways. And, after all, who needs sleep anyway.

*he didn’t really say that (the quote is from ‘Richard III’, act V, scene IV)

**I don’t really have any kingdom to trade with


14 thoughts on “A kingdom for some sleep

  1. He didn’t, Shakespeare said it for him, He said a great many things for great many people. To wake you up, here is an amusing Russian video:
    For your readers, the woman first tries to call the cat home, and when it fails, she sends the dog with an order, “Bring her home, bring her in.”
    Sleep is vastly overrated anyway, said Napoleon.

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      1. Oh well, he was a reputed everything, from a sexual deviant to a spy – who knows… I wrote my Master’s Thesis on Dr Faustus, which, in my humble opinion, is a work of genius and much deeper than Goethe’s Faustus. I that was many years ago, but I still think that had they not killed him, he would’ve out-shakespeared Shakespeare.

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  2. This actually makes me feel a LOT better. Because…….well. We’re feeling you. And one does chew immovable parts of the environment at odd hours, who knew? In our case it’s the floor. !!!!!!!

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  3. SLEEP??HA HA HA!!
    Guess what..I have insomnia-fun, a cat who thinks that 2.30am is the best possible time to drop a dead mouse on my face, a manic-depressive crow that likes to sit on the roof and scream directly down the chimney at 4.00am, two sister cats that like to play “let’s punch each other through the catflap as loudly as possible”..oh yes and a partner who snores. Ah yes…”sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care”…x

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