Lily loves having her photos taken.


It might be the side effect of my training, after all I teach my dogs to focus on me. Or perhaps she knows that when the camera is pointing at her and she looks at it I am over the moon.


Just over a year ago Lily would cower and hide away, avoiding attention in any shape an form. She has turned into a little monster, spoilt, vain, manipulative and naughty. And what a beautiful and happy little monster she is!



23 thoughts on “Poser

      1. He’d quite happily come and do a photo shoot for you…Erin’s a little diva-ish in front of a camera and I suppose the cats have to have a break under union rules…! He uses a Canon EOS 5D…he even let me hold the case once! Lily’s such a model you could do a charity calender…just a thought
        : )x

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      2. We actually have a professional photographer in the charity, but I never really treated my blog too seriously, I guess. Though a photo session would be a good excuse to meet πŸ™‚ I use my phone ( sony experia, samsung galaxy, or iphone which was imposed on me at work) or, rarely, a cheap canon instant camera…well, I’m not too sophisticated, I’m afraid πŸ™‚ x

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      3. Lots of trees and people are used to me being weird, so they don’t even bother to comment. We did calendars and mugs but they didn’t sell all that well. We do adverts for our dogs, thus the photographer – our dogs tend to need a careful marketing campaign (most of them), the charity is tiny but we rehome 100% of the wonky ones πŸ˜‰

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      4. It sounds such a good idea, there’s not enough “specialist” charities and shelters…I read a very good article about a shelter for exotic cats and hybrids. If I won the Lottery, I would have a shelter just for old dogs, in memory of my own little dog.. x

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      5. I wouldn’t really want to do it as a day job. The suicide rate is high (even among vets and trainers). I consciously avoid thinking about certain subjects because I save energy for my voluntary work. Even though it’s only a fraction of my life I sometimes get the ‘cruelty overload’. And I know that plenty of people say they wouldn’t work with the dogs and cats we do because they’d have nightmares. But because I seem to get the balance between the beauty of the world, the good in people and all the cruelty I see I can do what I do (even though I have nightmares). That was an outpour of emotions from me! Sorry, I probably just needed to get it out πŸ™‚ Not an easy week and so on πŸ™‚ x

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      6. Don’ t worry, everybody has to let loose sometimes-I can’t watch RSPCA adverts and I know I’d have problems working at a shelter, they’d all be coming home with me. So it takes a special sort of person to deal with the cruelty issues and remain focussed on the ultimate goal-restoring the quality of life to an abused animal- told you, you do good stuff : ) just look at your wonderful dogs!

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