Brief encounters


On Friday we found a kitten. We were walking home from our last walk of the day and we saw a tiny fluff of courage, running towards us across the road. Too young to be out, stupidly brave: cars and dogs meant nothing to him. We took him home for safekeeping, hoping the owner will be found soon. Well, as it turned out, Brian was hoping he could keep the kitten!


Sometimes meeting someone briefly can make a huge impression. Brian spent a night and a day with the kitten we called Harald. It might have been the best time of their young lives.


They were running around the hose like mad, they made lots of mess and refused to be parted for the night. Harald, tiny as he was, had the upper paw in every chase. Ambushes, mad attacks, smacks on the nose, jumping at poor Brian from the furniture, surprising him every single time…it all worked so well (and Brian loved it, it wasn’t about winning after all, the ‘taking part’ mattered more)


Harald was chipped and registered, so now he’s reunited with his very relieved owner. But Brian’s heart got broken, his best ever playmate has disappeared and no matter how often he walks past the toy boxes, there’s no more mad attacks, no kitten jumping out from behind the box to smack Brian’s bum, no paw emerging suddenly to smack Brian’s nose…


We did fall in love with the little kitten with huge character. And even if I’m happy that he has a loving home, I do miss the little terrorist!


36 thoughts on “Brief encounters

  1. Adorable kitten! Happy his human’s are relieved to have him home. I know how much better I felt after having Fergus chipped; hopefully we’ll never have to rely on it.

    Between Brian’s snails and young Harald, it seems clear Brian needs a pet of his very own. ☺️

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  2. The kitten’s facial markings make him look comically startled! He’s a cutie. Glad he got back to his own family, but sorry for Brian. At least he now knows there are better friends to have than snails.

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  3. I’ll just put my paw in: it looks like Brian needs pets of his own. If not a kitten, then who? This little one looks like my late and very much loved Shabbos the Cat, with an “ink spot” on the nose.
    On a totally different topic, I am still dumbfounded after reading this article (see the link) – this is happening right under our noses! I just had to share it with you, Alex, and with your readers.

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    1. The article has made me sad. I like our friendly police, I can’t imagine not being able to trust the local Bobby. About two months ago they helped when dog walkers reported some poison had been found in meatballs along the canal (a popular dog walking spot) – strangely enough all dogs loved the two officers that were investigating it. I’ve always thought the police and dog walkers were best friends (but it’s due to my personal experience). It makes me feel scared even to think I wouldn’t be able to rely on them 😦

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      1. It made me feel furious! How dare they walk into someone’s property and kill their pets! If I walk into their yard and damage their favorite lawn mower, I’ll be arrested, and rightly so. They claim they are within their right, though, and that’s what makes me angry!

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  4. What a wonderful encounter. No kittens here with the Jack Russells but i do miss cats. You are a good person for not only rescuing him, but returning him to worried parents. Thanks for your kindness.

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