Brian’s slimy mate


Here I was, thinking Brian’s obsession with snails was gradually disappearing into the world of long forgotten puppy oddities. I was wrong. Sylvester the Slimy Racing Snail was doing rounds on the sofa this very morning.


Sylvester was unusually active for a snail. I hope he was running on the snail equivalent of testosterone rather than adrenaline. I hate to think the visit made him uncomfortable.


However, I can’t ignore the fact he was poked by Brian constantly and as soon as he reached the edge of the sofa he was gently picked up and moved to his starting position.


Training for the Olympics, surely?


Brian’s efforts to be an Olympics athlete’s trainer were cut short by his joy-killer of a mum (me) and Sylvester was delegated to his other important tasks to be done in the garden.


I do hope this is the last post about snails. For your sake and mine.


24 thoughts on “Brian’s slimy mate

      1. Cats aren’t really his “pets,” though–more like his moody overlords. We don’t know how he feels about the snakes and the finches, but we are guessing he really wants his very own terrarium. Woofs and Wags, Stella and Cosmo

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  1. I am just wondering, did Sylvester inform you that he had important tasks in the garden? Maybe he liked being trained as an Olympic runner by Brian? Summer Olympics are starting this Friday, after all. And maybe, just maybe, Brian and his snails communicate in their own code, and Brian seems to be an excellent trainer, gentle but persistent.
    In any event, it’s much better than finding a huge female Palmetto bug high up on the kitchen door sneering at the two cats who chased her there and getting ready to fly – in my face! Understandably, I couldn’t take a picture – was too busy convincing her to go fly outside. I wish they (Palmetto bugs, not cats) get a message that I am allergic to them!


  2. That’s an interesting obsession that Brian has. Funny that he wouldn’t let the snail off of the couch, but would gently put it back to the starting place. I do wonder what was going through both of their minds.

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  3. That is so neat that the snail is a chosen companion. I’ve seen dogs eat the snails before but I have never seen one consciously befriended by another animal other than a human. When my sister-in-law’s Jack Russell Terrier had an affinity for frogs and toads. She would end up drooling slobber and spit everywhere after she would try to eat one.

    With all the loving-kindness I possess,


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      1. Our one husky used to bring snails indoors, and he used to munch on them! Luckily he seems to have stopped that (although, we don’t seem to have any snails in our garden anymore, so perhaps he caused the population to go extinct!).


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