Bare necessities


Lets face it: because I like gadgets, I do own quite a few things that I definitely don’t need. But getting new toys, harnesses,leads, treats, blankets, bowls, toy boxes, drinking fountains, supplements, food dispensers and whatever novelty the producers tempt me with is actually quite pleasant.


But there are two things that, even if for other people they might be ‘extras’, I find really useful: my dog walking belt and my lead with ‘training’ on it.


The belt leaves my arms free, which matters because I use hand signals (alongside verbal ones), I can also control how many treats I use by simply putting the right number into the ‘treat compartment’. I don’t have to worry if I have poo bags as they are there, too. I can clip the leads onto the belt. And just picking the belt up gives my dogs the right signal: get ready.

The lead sends a clear signal to people, who would otherwise want to approach Brian (or any other dog I’m working with). It saves me explaining ‘he’s scared of people’ or ‘he’s fearful/aggressive’ or ‘he’s terrified of sudden movements’. As I don’t have to communicate verbally any issues my dog has, people don’t presume anything, either. They are not scared, they don’t feel sorry for Brian, they don’t stop to chat about some people’s cruelty and some countries appalling practices. They just don’t disturb us but behave in an ordinary way.


14 thoughts on “Bare necessities

  1. Can I ask what dog walking belt you use? I’m looking for a good one at a decent price, but I’ve never used one before so don’t know what I should be looking out for 🙂

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    1. Oh, I know what you mean: this one is my oldest, cheap one, I’ve gone through two pricey ones and got back to this one as they didn’t work for me. Sorry, had to check: it doesn’t say but I think it was Trixie 🙂

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      1. Ah awesome, thank you for the link 🙂

        Yeah, some of the ones I’ve seen were about £60 which is way more than I’d like to spend on a walking belt!! £5 is pleasingly cheap, I’ll be ordering one soon haha, thanks 🙂

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      2. I’ve got ruffwear joring belt and it was about that much. Brilliant for jogging or climbing but not for walks – I don’t clip the dogs to my belt on walks, so I don’t need spine support (they don’t pull anyway) and ruffwear is slightly too hot and heavy for an ordinary walk.

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    1. Well, I know I would give them too many treats otherwise. Pockets work well, but I would smell of treats all the time (well, while it has its advantages, I’d get some strange looks at work, I think). I take the dogs out on my lunch break, too, so I don’t always have my dog walking clothes on 🙂

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  2. Wow- that looks AMAZING. I wonder if Jack, who is now around 80 pounds and very strong indeed, would be happy with that. It seems more balanced somehow, having got dragged down hillsides more than I care to admit up to now. Is there a particular kind you like? Brian is devilishly handsome, more every picture!

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    1. My dogs (and me) are small, I don’t need anything sturdy or heavy. When I do sports with my dogs I use Ruffwear. They have proper running/joring belt (about £60 but it’s worth the money). I used to do lots of climbing with Ardbeg and the professional harnesses, jackets, leads and dog backpacks are definitely vital then. But for normal walks it’s not necessary (or reasonable) to pay hundreds of pounds (or whatever currency) for something like that (my ruffwear belt is no good for normal walks, I don’t need the water bottle compartment, I don’t ever clip the dogs to the belt, it’s slightly too heavy and when it’s hot I get sweaty under the belt). If you go jogging, especially with a dog that pulls, the support for the spine is vital so you’ll need a more professional belt. I actually think it’s easier to teach a dog to run alongside with no lead – but that’s probably because I really like teaching dogs 🙂


    1. Thank you, that’s a lovely comment! I didn’t think the lead would be more useful than others when I got it, but people do react in a different way, it really saves me a lot of explaining, apologies and so on. I do love it lots 🙂

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