My pet’s pet


Some of Brian’s snails have lots of character. They deserve a post-and a name.


So, this is Melvyn. He’s back to his natural habitat now, but I thought, as he’s so perky and inquisitive, he should be mentioned separately, not just as part of Brian’s snails collection. He had a nap on the sofa, a little stroll around the table before finally letting me gently transport him to the garden.

Brian looking for new pets

Fortunately, Brian doesn’t bring so many snails anymore. He’s got lots of toys he plays with- and there are probably fewer snails in our garden!


38 thoughts on “My pet’s pet

      1. Only 6 weeks? Our school have 9 weeks for kids to drive their parents bonkers. I teach college, though, and we have regular summer semesters, not just extra summer courses, but they are obviously shorter, and it’s the poor students who seem to get the short end of it.

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    1. Well, at least there’s something in it! I believed my husband when he told me haggis was a furry, three-legged animal living in the Highlands! With each leg being a different length! And that sausages were made of cows’ tits (some sausages). And that gammon is made of an animal of the same name (gammon). I have been a vegetarian pretty much all my life, but because of his constant jokes I’ve learnt quite a lot about meat in the last few years.

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  1. On the subject of snails and sex tell Brian to be careful if he accidentally catches his friends “at it”. It is not a pretty sight, and it’s no good throwing a bucket of water over them, they will not give up!

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