Prejudice does harm


I watch my dogs trying to play with any and every dog they meet. They form friendships, at times they meet a dog who doesn’t want to interact or who they decide not to like. But they don’t know it till they met, sniffed each other’s bums or the air around.


I’m proud of Brian and Lily. I want them to accept everyone till they know for sure this particular individual is not for them.

Ardbeg taught me not to judge anyone before I’ve spent some time trying to get to know them. Maybe it’s a dog thing, this lack of prejudice. But then we can come and spoil it all with our narrow- mindedness. So I need a daily dose of my dogs to stay sane.


6 thoughts on “Prejudice does harm

  1. Well said! and you asked about poems, I think, in your questions? Here’s a stanza from one, Rilke, #14, Second Part, Sonnets to Orpheus: “All things want to float. And we go about like weights/lay our self on everything, delighted with gravity./O what wearing teachers we are for things,/while they succeed at eternal childhood// If one took them into intimate slumber and slept/deeply with things- o how lightly he would come,/another to another day, out of the common deep….”


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