Dreams come true


I’ve got everything I have ever wanted and more. I look at Brian and Lily sniffing something together, their bums happily sticking out from the grass, exploring the world and taking comfort in each other’s presence.


Brian’s learning the rules. His personality comes through more and more every day and I love every tiny bit of it. He’s learnt to play with toys and I am ecstatic every time I see him pick one up and run with it like Usain Bolt on speed or settle on the sofa to amuse himself by finding out how many times he can make it squeak before Lily gets pissed off and walks away to sulk in her bed (the bed that was supposed to be Brian’s).


He keeps starting a new collection each day. Rocks, insects, soft fruit from the garden…snails are still definitely number one, but I’ve got rid of so many they might have decided never to risk coming back to our garden in protest.


He’s found his voice, too. When I heard his barking for the first time a few days ago, I nearly chocked with laughter. He seemed surprised with the noise coming out of his own throat! He doesn’t know when to bark, so he’s watching Lily. Or trying on his own, ashamed that he has picked a wrong moment when she doesn’t join.

He digs holes in the garden, chews on everything he shouldn’t, gets in my way all the time, sleeps on my face, farts, runs up and down the stairs like an elephant wearing clogs…my life is filled full of Brian and Lily- and I’ve never been happier.



30 thoughts on “Dreams come true

    1. oh, I don’t remember- I think the turtle is from Asda and was cheap (Β£2) Brian loves it -I was worried it’s not safe but it’s proven very sturdy! If you’re in the UK TKMaxx has some cool dogs toys in reduced prices πŸ™‚

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  1. Brian is getting handsomer every day and you can for sure see his personality: he reminds me of somenose I know…… What a couple of cuties!! You should be pretty proud of yourself for the massive quantity of dog smiles you put out into the world!!!! I’m still puzzling over the toy issue: our boy just destroys EVERYTHING in seconds. Yesterday I saw him actually flatten his red Kong toy in his jaws. Ah, well….


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