Simply because I love it!

There are so many things I love about samanthamurdochsblog I’ve been a pest, I admit it -‘making subtle hints’ or, as some other people might say: whining and begging for a post about Erin.

I knew a post about dogs from Samantha would be brilliant. I was right. As always, warm and making me emotional, touching the soul without trying to impose any opinions on the reader. Perfect! Thank you 🙂

Although I am no longer blessed with a dog of my own, I have always had dogs around me as I was growing up and my mother’s succession of German Shepherd dogs have been my sister dogs throughout my life – the featured image is a photo of me as a little girl with our […]

via Crystals and Canines — samanthamurdochblog


7 thoughts on “Simply because I love it!

  1. This isn’t relevant to the post at all, but since I don’t know about any message button this is the only way I could communicate. I just wanted to thank you for reading my post and enjoying it. Yours was the first like ever that I got. I’ve only been here four days, so I really appreciate the encouragement you provided. Sorry if I sound a little too happy 😛 I just get excited about little stuff. Anyways, I’ll leave you be. Adios

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