sex-bomb (sort of)

Lily photobombs Brian’s photos.

Except, ‘to photobomb’ is: ‘to spoil a photograph by unexpectedly appearing in the camera’s field of view as the picture is taken’. My little girl would never spoil anything. Quite the opposite, she adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ wherever she appears.

my little dog equivalent of Marilyn Monroe  

Anyway, she definitely makes sure I remember who the most important girl in my life is. When Brian plays with a toy (or a shoe, or a plant pot, or a spoon, or a mobile phone, or a pen) Lily picks up her favourite toy (a hedgehog) with the air of a well-pampered princess. She makes sure I look at her and as the camera is the extension of my eye (‘if it aims at you it means you have mummy’s undivided attention’), Lily is my sweet little photo(sex)bomber.


13 thoughts on “Photobomb

  1. She’s lovely! Pretty little face looking directly into the camera-she’s a natural! Ting likes to photobomb, which I find quite adds a comedy/action sort of effect. She appears in the distance and then gets closer…and closer…till next thing you know all you can see in the viewfinder is one blue eye.and half a brown face…

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  2. How cute. She is a beautiful dog. I am way behind in my reading, so didn’t know you had gotten Brian until now. He looks like a sweet dog too. Glad you are able to give another dog a good home.

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    1. well, to be honest, whenever I want to write something here, I end up reading other people’s blogs for ages first, so I end up writing short and uninformative posts 😉 you haven’t missed anything…

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      1. I tend to do the same thing. I am trying to be better at writing first, if I have a post in mine, and then reading. I’ve just been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to do either.

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