Books in the house


I remember some research on how just having books in the house makes your kids avid readers. I am a book hoarder, so it’s impossible to contain all the books in just one bedroom (the only one where all the pets have a limited access to). My books always crawl downstairs and end up everywhere. I have a bookcase downstairs, next to the kitchen. For some reason it’s Brian’s favourite, he picks a book, takes it with him on the sofa to…well, devour. Unfortunately, in a literal rather than metaphorical sense.

So at the moment Brian’s reading this:

I do have another copy. But this one’s newer. So, as with other books (and shoes, phones, remotes, laptops) we’ve made a deal: I’ll have the book back and Brian’ll have a toy and a few minutes of me chasing him proudly carrying the toy in his mouth.

Now I’m wondering if the research could be extended to dogs. So, if I have a lot of books in the house, will it result in our dogs being more eloquent and achieving more in their academic careers?

The thought of a grown-up Brian expressing his dissatisfaction with my intellectual inferiority makes me slightly uneasy…


24 thoughts on “Books in the house

    1. Brian likes applied linguistics…sociolinguistics…dialects of England…and anything else. My husband has lots of scandi murder/mystery books (my influence) but he keeps them on top shelves. I might test them on Brian πŸ™‚ If my cats decided to ‘read’ there would be no place for the books to feel safe! The cats sleep on the top shelves πŸ™‚

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      1. just got a text from Hedgehog: ‘Brian’s eaten your book’. Knowing it couldn’t have been just any book I immediately sent an angry (caps locked) question ‘WHICH BOOK????’ ‘the big, Norwegian one’ and a bloody smiley! husbands are useless-and I’ll need a trip to Norway to get the book as it will probably be cheaper than having it sent over here…Why on earth did I marry someone who describes a book as ‘big’? (I can’t be angry with Brian)

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      2. I can always lock my husband in the loo as the book resides in the bedroom next to it, so to ‘eat it’ Brian had to be let in there in the first place. Sherlock as I am, I’ve deducted he went there when Hedgehog needed a wee so much he’d forgotten to take the necessary precautions. Being locked in the loo will give him enough time to think about life, the universe and everything…

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  1. When Molly was a pup, we guarded our books closely, so she only managed to destroy one of them. It was, funnily enough, about cats. πŸ˜‰

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  2. my cats have this same habit but alas they are very badly behaved. they usually scratch on the book and tear it to bits! so for sharpening claws I keep out all the magazines and old already trashed books I don’t need! They haven’t got any wiser but perhaps pay up their dues by photographing as if they are reading!

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  3. My cat, Daisy, is far too clever to waste time reading books and magazines. She has developed a super sense and is able to absorb information through her paws, bottom, and tummy. We only have to put down a book or magazine and she will leap on top. If browsing, she will just sit on top and scan through quickly. If, however, she find the subject fascinating, she will study it for hours!

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    1. Well, of course cats are much smarter than dogs! Does she use the internet? My cats do. A lot. Messing up with my translations, but it’s only because they are rubbish (the documents, not the cats) πŸ™‚


  4. It has been my experience…. because dogs do not have thumbs, it is quite difficult for them to turn the pages of a book. I believe you will be ok with grown-up Brian, when that day comes.
    PS – it is best you not mention the ‘no thumb’ thing to your dogs. Keep it your secret.

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  5. Dogs are very tolerant of our intellectual shortcomings, I’ve found. Jack let me know, kindly but firmly, that EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS all the complicated geometric information I was showing him in an architectural design book. He’s also quite fond of the Dalai Lama and often doesn’t un-paw HH when asked…….I suspect when the day comes for Full Disclosure we’ll find these guys really HAVE been working on the Unified Theory all this time…..

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  6. It’s heartwarming to see that Brian is researching critical thinking. This dog will grow up to be a professor! My cats only like prayer books and are not interested in any other books that are flooding the house (I sometimes suspect that when we turn lights off, books start having fun on their own, and in the morning, we find baby books). Prayer books are kept under glass, though, so cats only get a chance to join services when we do. Barmalei nicely and appropriately turns pages for my husband, but silly Beba just flips pages back and forth and swats my hand when I try to hold my place. I guess my cats are not intellectuals!

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