Run Brian, run!


Freedom of being a dog is working its miracle. Brian is no longer terrified by walks, they are fun. He’s discovering the world and getting more confident.

Yesterday, for the first time, he run without the training lead. He comes back every time we call him, but we know it’ll take longer to be absolutely sure he is conditioned to do it. He’s not very fit, Lily can outrun him easily and she doesn’t get tired so quickly. But it’ll change soon.IMG_2703

He’s tireless at home, though. From about 4 am till midnight. He has his mad moments of running around the house, making funny noises, bumping into things-and then he crashes out on the sofa suddenly. He’s hilarious, even if it’s exhausting.IMG_2680

Lily gets grumpy when she’s tired and tells him off. It’s ok, Brian needs to learn the rules and Lily needs her peace and quiet. Everyone is equal in our house, everyone has the right to play or refuse to play. And everyone has the right to feel safe.IMG_2653


13 thoughts on “Run Brian, run!

  1. He has a lot of energy and it’s great he can now enjoy his runs (is that a race track where you exercise Lily and Brian?). He may be interested in agility later on once his muscles and bones are fully developed. He will grow into those legs before long :o)

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    1. Yes, it’s the racecourse -it’s only about 5 minutes from where we live, we will take him to discover new places when he’s more confident, too πŸ™‚ I might consider agility, we’ll see what he likes. The vet gave us some supplements for his joints, he’s growing fast and his diet might not have been perfect, but everything seems fine, we have been given ‘all clear’ so he can run as much as he wants-and play with other dogs πŸ™‚

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