Picture of innocence


My slippers have been thoroughly chewed. Time to move on. Daddy’s feet are bigger, so his slippers might last a bit longer.

and the smell is divine…

Chewing my eyeliners, powder brushes and hand cream tubes seems like a hint: Brian will love me no matter how bad I look. Well, at least I interpret it as such.

I’m now pretty sure he’s an animal lover. I’m finding various creatures buried in the blankets on the sofa. All alive, slightly startled when I fish them out-like the beetle I put on the table in order to take a photo of it (to be used as evidence and because I’m a cruel, cruel person who disturbs beetles sleeping on the sofa).IMG_2503

Lily likes him. She looks down on him (metaphorically, as he’s growing every day) because he’s clumsy and scared of stuff, but she likes being a boss and you can’t really be a proper boss when you only have two obnoxious cats.IMG_2494

Despite our efforts and vacuuming at least twice a day the house is seriously messy. ย And it’s fine. Our lives are in order.


21 thoughts on “Picture of innocence

    1. The only thing I’m certain of is that he has ears (quite a lot of them, actually). They are floppy most of the time, but sometimes he does this GSD’s thing and they pop up-it’s hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚ The beetles are probably mating, so they are a bit funny…

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      1. Comedy beetle porn..lol! The one that attacked me was possibly intent on taking out my eyeball…Erin had a bent over tip to one ear till she was about 18 months but it righted itself. She was a slipper chewer as well, but as she grew older she upgraded to things like tv licenses, library books…

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      2. Aah, thank you, I’m at Mum’s now so I’ll tell her! I foresee a post..”something and dogs..” I’ll have to look into canine crystals.. Brian has a sort of shepherdy look about his ears and nose-that’s half the fun with mixes, you don’t know what you’ve got till they’re grown!

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    1. my local pet shop uses the fact my dogs are there so often- Ardbeg was the worst, he’d get there a few minutes before I did, picked up lots of stuff (a nice shop assistant scrupulously putting whatever he had picked aside) and waited for me to come in (panting) with my credit card…we’re popular in the shop ๐Ÿ™‚

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