Nothing to see here

Just Ulysses (the cat) walking Lily and Brian (the dogs)


11 thoughts on “Nothing to see here

    1. He’s driving me insane, though. It’s not a busy road but it’s still a road…and my other cat, Charlie does the same (but is clever enough not to be captured on camera) 🙂


      1. He’s still only little though and different dogs learn road sense at different ages I’ve found…Erin was very good from an early age- my dog never learned(she was deaf as well which didn’t help.) Cats are usually quite aware…


      2. Ohhh! Lol! I see, yes I’m often accompanied by a couple of cats down the road so I have to go back, post them back into the garden, tell them to stay, re-capture one…I allow ten extra minutes in the morning….!

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