A little peculiar

strange new dog but well- he’s family now…

I’ve just found three snails collected by Brian in the garden and carefully buried in the sofa. All alive. Two of them look as if they were trying to procreate. On my sofa! Bad manners, if you ask me…

He loves my socks – but only the ones for wellies, the thick, woollen ones.

and my slippers…


and I’ve learnt quickly to only leave my cheap shoes downstairs. The shoes both me and Brian like are in the ‘shoe bedroom’ where pets have limited access…

However, the ones Brian likes more than I do can sleep in our bed 🙂


We never wanted a ‘normal’ dog, he wouldn’t have fit our family. The fact we can see more and more of Brian’s peculiarities makes us happy, we will accept his personality, reasoning with him at times and adjusting the rules if needs be. Our family feels complete again.


27 thoughts on “A little peculiar

      1. at work at the moment 🙂 I call my husband Hedgehog 🙂 We’ve got feeding trays for hedgehog and a small hole in the fence to let them go through. But there are fewer and fewer of them now…we’ll all be ruled by slugs soon, riding our cats and eating our chamomiles…

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  1. Ooo fab – another dog lover – check out my ‘doggy blogging day’ post to see pictures of my cutie who had been a little bit mis-treated as a puppy .. Brian and Lily look adorable. I think Brian was just being kind to the slugs – he obviously could see that they’d be much comfier ‘procreating’ inside where it’s warm and cosy rather than in the cold and wet outside…pretty generous doggy attitude if you want my opinion! haha – love your blog!

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