Don’t panic


It’s been years since we last had puppies. I’d have never thought we’d get one, actually, as it’s the older dogs that are less likely to be adopted. And now, with Brian, I realise how many things I forgot.IMG_2379

Brian breathes faster than adult dogs, his heartbeat is scarily rapid. It’s normal. Don’t panic, Alex, don’t panic.


Brian gets hiccups rather often. He had diarrhoea on his second day and his farts were unbelievable. It’s normal, his immature digestive system will adapt.

He’s getting better every day, the walks are still frustrating (he’s too scared to walk) but even there, there’s been progress. He’s so clumsy and funny I could spend all day just watching him.The only thing I’m trying to teach him at the moment is that I’m ok, it’s safe to be around me, it’s fine to trust me.


28 thoughts on “Don’t panic

  1. Oh he’s adorable! Lily looks so sweet with him! It’s nerve-wracking being a new mum, I remember with Charlie waking up every four hours…great update! ( I nearly forgot…I loved your comment on my post ironing. Would you mind if I used it in my Sunday post, obviously I would say they were your words, but they were lovely and really inspired me…let me no if that would be ok. Thank you x )

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    1. Of course you can use my comment (and you don’t need to mention me)- I’m sure you’ll make the most wonderful post out of it! Lily’s quite bossy (but not horribly so). They will be better with time, even now there are no serious issues (apart from Lily growling at him when he bumps into her with all his force).

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      1. Thank you! It just goes to show how brilliantly you’ve done with Lily-a happy confident little dog able to welcome a new family member and take on the role of “big sister” I think Charlie still regards herself as princess and the other cats as peasants… : )

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    1. I know! I love everything about him, he’s timid, but being a puppy, he has the clumsy happiness and curiosity about him. I’m so infatuated with my little boy – though my Lil’ Lily has nothing to fear, our love for her is strong (and the little devil knows it) x

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    1. Yep, he’s now registered with the vet, petlog, insured and ready for his new life.He’s got the tag attached to his harness, but he doesn’t seem to be an escape artist. He has chewed on his passport quite a bit, so I guess he doesn’t want to be Romanian! We’ll go to the vet again in a week or two, but so far, Brian seems healthy 🙂

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  2. We’ve raised chickens for years, but it still amazes me, when I hold a chick in my palm, how fast the little creatures breathe. It seems like they must be hyperventilating, but it’s normal, because they’re so small. It’s the same with puppies when they sleep. I always think, “what’s wrong with you?” but then I realize it’s because they are babies. I can only imagine how slowly elephants must breathe. 🙂

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    1. I actually had to say it aloud to myself: ‘it’s normal, don’t panic!’. Knowing is one thing, believing what you know is another (in my case). I’m so silly, I’m actually really embarrassed…(and I love chicks, they are so beautiful! lucky you!) x


  3. Hiccups! We held the front paws and it seemed to relieve them. And yes, the farts will stop….he looks like a sweetheart. My friend laughingly remarked to me when the Dog first arrived, you know, puppies can do tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage- and a whole lot more plus than that, restoring our hearts. What a lucky little dog….

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    1. We have the best, most patient vet in the world (I have no idea how he copes with me), and I can always phone or email him. Brian’s farts are much less frequent, the hiccups are gone for now. I’ll try your method if they happen again, thanks 🙂 And your friend is so right! x


  4. I adore my lovely grown up girls – but God I miss them as puppies. I love that new puppy smell (ok-not the farts so much but you know what I mean) I also love the way puppies sleep – with such intensity. Lily looks like she is standing guard over him – such a good girl.

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