IMG_2198A few days ago I read an article about ‘the decline in pets‘ in the UK. I’m not sure if people actually own fewer dogs (or cats) but the article made me wonder if the fact that some people really want a pet but can’t have one is contributing to the growing number of people with mental issues: depression, eating disorders, anxiety – or even simply people who seem to find it hard to cope with life. Many of us choose a lifestyle that we think is desirable, we focus more on material objects and status, but we pay for it with stress and lack of time for things that make us happy. It often results in dissatisfaction, disappointment and frustration as the goals we set are often unrealistic.

It’s been exactly one year since Lily arrived in our lives. I’m not super rich, super successful, super intelligent or even a supermodel…but when I look at her and feel the overwhelming sense of elation, the ultimate, perfect happiness, I know I got my priorities right.


37 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary to you both i think in some cases it the cost of vet bills and having to have your animals microchip that can stop plus if their working away from home a lot they might feel it unfair to keep them
    plus annual injection each year i know if i am low on funds my dogs get fed before me

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  2. I totally agree with you. I’m disabled and handsaw mental health issues but since I got Molly 18 months ago (and Roxy 3 weeks ago!) my life has turned around. I would go for days not seeing anyone, not going out and to be honest a lot of the time I wouldn’t even get dressed!

    All I could see was what I was missing. Not what I had.

    Now I go out at least once a day (hubby does the walks I can’t!) I see different people every day and I’m happy! And I mean truly happy! I don’t have much money (well none really!) but I’m alive and I have two amazing, mad terriers and a lovely young lady for a daughter. I no longer see what I’m missing. I see what I’ve gained. Freedom.

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    1. I love you comment so much! You can’t even imagine 🙂 I think my dogs save my life, each in his/her unique way. I love the fact I am alive and can appreciate the simplest things, the walks, the smell of the air, the fact I can see my little Lily sleeping safely on the sofa. Happiness is in us, I just needed my first rescue to realise it! All the best to you, take care and be a little bit happy every day 🙂 x

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      1. Same here. I never thought I was a dog person before Molly. Now I know I’m a terrier person! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. I think you have to loose everything to see what you don’t need. If that makes sense??!!? I don’t need big holidays, a caravan by the sea with my pups is perfect. I don’t need a big house, somewhere to sit and cuddle them is enough. I certainly don’t need fancy clothes!!!! I’m sure fur would stick to them like mad!!! Lol! Seriously, pups change us in ways you can never imagine. I’m doing things I never dreamt I would now! All thanks to Molly and Roxy xx

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  3. Lovely post and I totally agree. My life is definitely better for having my cats, likewise my mum and her dog Erin. Yes, they incur expenses, like microchipping, vets bills etc. but they repay it a thousand times over in the love and comfort I receive from them. Great post , thank you, and happy anniversary!.: )

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  4. I think the linked article should be treated with some latitude.
    “These stats are based on a relatively small sample, but the trend is mirrored in other affluent, English-speaking countries: dog and cat ownership in the United States, Canada and particularly Australia all seem to be in decline.”

    The “relatively small sample” cannot be considered indicative of a trend, and anything can “seem to be” pretty much anything. I believe that here (Canada), there is no verifiable evidence to support such a statement. In fact there are many organizations that are aggressively trying to make pet selling from stores illegal. This is due to so many pets being bought, and ultimately abused, abandoned or the owner becomes unable to care for them. Our Humane Societies and other rescue organizations are usually at capacity and looking for foster homes on an ongoing basis.
    To verify such a statement, a large cross section of the country would have to be included in order to ensure inclusion of all socio-economic and cultural differences within a given country, and of course geographical areas (A survey of Cornwall cannot be expected to represent Worcestershire!). The data used to make such determinations must be comprehensive, and it cannot be assumed that one country’s pet trend is automatically followed by other countries. The lifestyle and culture is quite different in the UK from Canada, which in turn is quite different from the USA and Australia. Start a conversation about guns (e.g.) and the cultural differences will be obvious.

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    1. I don’t think even the article itself claims to be based on any proper research. It’s just a piece of entertainment. And my musings were simply the result of reading it (‘I’m not sure if people actually own fewer dogs (or cats)’. It made me think how unhappy I’d be if, for some reason, I wouldn’t be able to keep pets.

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    2. or maybe it’s just me being skeptical about the reliability of the statistics used in the media…anyway, I’d never think an article of this sort has any other role than ‘entertain’


      1. I generally attribute them to either amateur journalism, or it was a really “slow news” time and they needed something! Sadly though, some people do take them literally.


      2. It’s ‘lifestyle’ section in The Guardian (the newspaper that claims to be left wing, whatever the general perception might be). It would always be ‘slow’. I’m not sure about amateur journalism: I guess the aim of the article was to emphasize the fact people rent rather than buy their homes. Pets are good tools to arouse interest and emotions (whatever they’d be).

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  5. That’s an interesting thought. I would not be surprised if you were on to something. My pets are huge stress relievers and taking care of them makes me feel good. Giving them a pet always lifts my spirits. 🙂

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      1. Honestly, I could either! Started 8/2014, art got a hold of me and I finally made time for it. Every day I make something, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes. I may draw my foot before bed. Not much but the daily practice does make a difference! I’d be glad to email a photo of the sketch if you wanted to see – createarteveryday@comcast(dot)net is my email. But seriously, if I can do it, so can you. So can anyone!

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