Essential reading


“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”
― Cicero

My absolutely minimal, purely subjective list of comprehensive and useful books on dogs:

– Alexandra Horowitz ‘Inside of a Dog’, ‘On Looking’  -the books might not be the most practical, but she’s definitely one of my favourite authors

-John Bradshaw ‘In Defence of Dogs’, ‘Dog Sense’

-Stanley Coren ‘How to Speak Dog’, ‘How Dogs Think’, ‘The Modern Dog’, ‘Why We Love the Dogs We Do’ (and all the others, I love his books)

-Karen Pryor ‘Don’t Shoot the Dog’, ‘Reaching the Animal Mind’ -very practical, even if she’s not my favourite author, the books are extremely useful

-Brian Hare & Vanessa Woods ‘The Genius of Dogs’

-Sophia Yin ‘Perfect Puppy in 7 Days’ -she was one of my favourite dog trainers, her advice is easy to follow, clear and really works

-Sarah Whitehead ‘Clever Dog’, ‘How to Speak Dog’

-Marc Bekoff ‘The Emotional Lives of Animals’ (all his books are brilliant)

I’ve tried to make it as compact as possible. I have loads of books about dogs, most of which I couldn’t really recommend (or they’d need a caveat). I didn’t include anything too academic as it’s not vital for an ordinary dog owner.



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