Life is woolly mammoths hunting

being a dog can be good

Well, they are not woolly mammoths, really. And it’s not hunting as such. But somehow: ‘rare Highland breed of cattle watching’ doesn’t sound that impressive. Let’s use poetic licence and modify facts for a better effect. They are big. They are woolly. They smell strongly of something that could potentially be prey.

I’m proud of my girl. Every day she’s learning how to be a dog. I’m helping, but not much, she has it in her, all she needs is the opportunity to experience life. To sniff, to run, to chase, to get dirty, to cuddle, to be left in peace. She’s doing well, she’s happy, she’s smart, she’s beautiful – we’re in love with our perfect dog.


retreating to the safety of mummy and daddy

Lily didn’t deserve what happened to her. She was born in prison, rescued form a hoarder only to be put in an overcrowded shelter and suffer constant fear than numbed and almost killed her. There are millions of dogs like her, most will die with no chance to taste life.

I love my rescues, they are special, perfect and priceless. I hope that one day it will be fashionable to be socially responsible.That we will all see that the disposable culture and consumerism is just a poor substitute for happiness. That having a purpose will replace having objects.



20 thoughts on “Life is woolly mammoths hunting

    1. Thank you (every dog is special to their owner 😉 ) I admire her courage, really, she’s a tiny dog with virtually no experience of normal life and she seems to cope with new experiences extremely well. To be honest, I think it’s mainly Ardbeg’s work, when she arrived here she was constantly watching him and you could almost see the determination to copy him painted all over her face (even if she was scared of everything). It kind of makes me ashamed I can be such a wuss…

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  1. Our Molly used to be afraid of big animals like horses and cows. Then one day, at a friend’s house, she just ran down into a field full of horses and was running around down there, completely ignoring them. Funny how sometimes, they just figure it out on their own that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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  2. Tippy would have probably ran over to see if the wooly thing would move or stay put. I’m sure she has some sort of herder in her ancestry. She will run at the neighbor’s cows, but they are so used to her, they just give her that “Leave me alone” look and she does. Or, if they take a step toward her, she’s ready to retreat the safety of mom’s side. LOL Glad Lily is learning how to be a dog and that you are allowing her to do that.

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