Move on


‘You need to move on’ told me my best friend, Graham, when he watched me yesterday being all miserable and soppy. My first reaction was ‘f* off, I don’t want to move on’ (I’m a rather impulsive person at times). And then I thought about it all day. The problem is, Graham knows me much better than I would like him to. The problem is, he’s sometimes right. The problem is, as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I need to listen to him.IMG_1995

Ardbeg has taught me the past and the future are human concepts and there’s no point spending too much time in either. Ardbeg has shown me I can actually do good things. He was perfect. And he loved me. Being loved by someone perfect means I’m not so bad. I can even save a life.

So, I’m moving on. Whoever you are, I will find you. After all: there’s an Alex for every Ardbeg, even if he’s not called Ardbeg.


20 thoughts on “Move on

  1. I know what you are going through, I really do. When we lost our little Joie, I swore I wouldn’t get another dog – I missed him too much. The trouble was, so did our other dog, Violet. One day, I ended up adopting a rescue cat. Well actually she adopted me and I am really glad she did.

    You will know when it is time to move on and what that looks like. Hugs!

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    1. I actually think it’s often them who adopt us πŸ˜‰ Especially cats! I knew we would have another dog, there are too many unwanted ones and we are a multiple-pets-household. But, despite trying my best, I seem to be unable to let go, I miss Ardbeg more and more. I love Lily more than anything in the world (I love all our pets and losing any of them would be equally devastating), it’s just that every time I say ‘my dogs’ just to realise we actually have only one dog now I almost break into tears. Wasting my life on dwelling in the past is silly. I should know better. All my love to you and your pets xxx

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  2. Thinking of you at this time i know how you feel but you will know with in your self when and how if you have a small place in your garden why not buy a rose or some blubs or sow a wild flower patch then you could go and have a quite with when i am low i talk to my plants i am plotting out side blessing to you and the family

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  3. You said it yourself. “Ardbeg has taught me the past and the future are human concepts and there’s no point spending too much time in either.” However, being human concepts, it is hard for us to live in the present. I know that you will “move on,” whatever that means to you. You will forever have a place in your heart that only Ardbeg can fill. And, that is okay. It’s the price we pay for loving and it is worth that price, in my opinion.

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  4. oops sent that before I finished. What I was going to say was that when I lost both of my old dogs Harry and Frank, and then took Mabel and Maude into my home (and later Molly) I knew I would love them, but not nearly as much as I had loved my boys. I was wrong. I love them every bit as much. I think I will always miss my boys but I am so glad I made room for my girls.

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  5. When my Vinny’s time comes, it will be my 5th time saying goodbye to a very close friend. I made a promise to my best friend that he would be with me forever, so I will have him cremated and he will go with me on every adventure I have on my future boat. This little dog helped me through the hardest time in my life, and I will never forget him.

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    1. Thank you, it’s comforting to realise it’s not just me, people who loved their dogs simply miss them. And you’re right, we need time, you to ‘unlearn’ Jake, me -Ardbeg. Which, naturally, doesn’t mean, we’ll ever forget them.


  6. Being told to move on is well intentioned, even if it is hard to listen to. I lost my first dog Oscar (a basset hound) less than six months ago and I still cry about him on a regular basis. I have a new Basset now , love him to bits but I still miss Oscar. It taught me I can love more than one dog, one will never replace the other, they are all different characters and each relationship is special

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  7. aaww! You made me cry! I feel for you, I would be like you, it takes time to let someone go! and yes, animals live in the “now”….. we can learn so much from them!! I try to live each day to it’s fullest, because who knows if we will be here tomorrow. Of course, we need to do some planning for the future, for tomorrow, but we need to live in the “Now”.

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  8. Ardberg will always have a piece of your heart but there are many more pieces to be shared with other lucky pups….somehow I think he’d want that. Each pup keeps their own special place in your heart which somehow only manages to grow bigger over time.

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Ardbeg was teaching fearful dogs (extremely scared dogs tend to trust someone with a calm and happy dog more). I know there are many dogs who are, like him once, unloved and waiting for the chance to be the best they can. I’m just being silly and miss him (I’m just a human)

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