How to compromise


When I listen to people discussing training dogs I am surprised how much they want from their dog. Not that what they expect is not achievable, far from it. But it always makes me wonder if they know there’s always a price we pay for getting what we want. With dogs, it’s often time and attention. Something that people often lack. On my walks I see many dogs misbehaving happily, while their owners look like zombies staring at their mobiles. If we give only minimum time and minimum attention, we can’t expect much from the dog.

pure happiness

Lily has a garden. And at least three walks every day. We also spend time playing with her in the garden and in the house. If I want her to get better, to be a normal, mentally stable dog I have to find time. When we train, I pay attention to how she learns, what motivates her, what she’s not good at. I adapt and change the way I teach her. I learn her body language because I know she’s already learnt mine rather well. I don’t take anything for granted, I know nothing comes free. Neither for me nor for her.IMG_1974

When we get to know our dogs and compromise, let them be dogs, we’ll find they can learn virtually anything. They are also happy, confident and eager to please us.

There are many ways in which dogs make us happy. There are equally many ways we can make them happy in return. So, don’t ask what your dog can do for you, but what you can do for your dog πŸ˜‰


21 thoughts on “How to compromise

  1. Very true. When one works in rehabilitating dogs who have had a rough start in life, you learn that progress can often be at a glacial pace. With any and all training, it’s important to set the dog up for success. Owners who can’t walk their dogs without ‘plugging in’ are missing the zen of dog walking as well as valuable bonding time with their dog.

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  2. Love your tips! I totally agree that we as pet owners cannot expect too much of our dogs if we do not dedicate the proper time and effort into their training. It is very important and something that I wish more pet owners would be mindful of.

    Beautiful yard! πŸ™‚

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  3. Thought I’d ask this on an earlier post so you can delete it, I know you hear from donutsplace, it appears to have changed to donutsbutthole… has this happened on your site?? What does this mean, worried for her especially after last post…


  4. Yes, I agree. Any relationship takes time and attention, including the human relationships. I usher at a local farm team baseball stadium and am just amazed when I see a family there and, instead of watching the game or interacting with their children, they are texting or googling on their phones constantly. Spend quality time with the ones you love – both human and animal, and everyone’s lives will be better for the effort!

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