Ardbeg’s love

ardbeg and Dolly
Dolly was Ardbeg’s biggest love

‘Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. It is, in fact, the one thing that still stands when all else has fallen.’

When Ardbeg met Dolly he was still trying to find his way in the world. He tested what worked with other dogs, he was often intimidated by them and tried very hard to show them he was one of them. Too hard, quite often. Dolly is a special dog, there’s an aura of reassurance around her, she’s got a calming effect on anyone who is not bothered by her size. She’s kind, loving and has extraordinary levels of empathy. Sometimes people tell stories about dogs with an extra sense, the strange, almost telepathic ability to know how someone feels or what he thinks. Dolly is one of these dogs (and no, it’s not telepathy). She made Ardbeg happy. He fell in love and would be grumpy all day if he didn’t have his daily ‘Dolly time’. He would wait for her (forever if needs be), copy her, try to impress her, protect her from unwanted attention (or rather, what he thought was unwanted attention). She changed him, made him self-confident and brave. She made him happy.

Ardbeg, Lily and Dolly

Some people, being shallow, laughed at what in their eyes was a mismatched couple. They never cared. You don’t choose your love or your friend because they are the right size, the right colour, the right shape. It they are right for you, everything else is right. Simple, really.

all three of them

It’s impossible not to love Dolly, but I have an extra reason to cherish her. Lily and Dolly are close, too, but the relationship between Ardbeg and his Biggest Love will never be repeated.


21 thoughts on “Ardbeg’s love

  1. Dogs are so special both to us and to each other. If they have any failings at all it is that their life span is so short. Then on the other hand, that also brings more wonderful dogs into our lives. I cannot imagine my world without dogs. Love your blog.

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  2. That made me want to cry for many reasons but also made me happy remembering Ardbegs love for Dolly but also for you 🙂 . that must have been very hard to write but was beautifully done

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    1. It’s almost a month and I still found it so hard. I wanted to write about it before he died but I didn’t manage. But it needed to be written, even if it doesn’t reflect the most wonderful bond they had.


  3. Such a beautiful tribute to Ardbeg and to Dolly. Thank you for sharing 🙂 If you don’t mind, I’d like to ‘reblog’ this…many of the readers who come to my blog love dogs and would be touched by this.

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    1. I feel honoured. I still can’t believe anyone reads my blog 😉 The post about Dolly was meant to appear when he was alive, but he died too soon 😦 I still find it very hard, so there are many things missing from their love story in my post. Ardbeg was a small dog with a huge personality, so it breaks my heart to write about him in the past tense…

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  4. It’s amazing that someone can say they’re “just dogs” and yet we can be better people if we actually learned what it was to be “just dogs” too. Thank you for sharing about the bond between Dolly and Ardberg.

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    1. Well, we’re ‘just people’ – it’s a shame that instead of trying to understand we try to prove we are better. The more frustrated and unhappy the person, the more they try to look down on others. They are just dogs, true. Great at detecting bombs, drugs, cancer, alive humans under snow or debris, protecting us, entertaining us, loyal to us. Rubbish at solving complex problems, with good memory of places but not events, easily stressed and too dependent on people for their own good. Yet they do so much to understand us while we do so little to understand them back. Well, we’re ‘just people’.

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      1. you didn’t make me worse, quite the opposite, tears are good and these are good tears- it’s good to know there are people like you, who care, who understand that animals can be loved and mourned after they die xxx

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