In memory of the King of Wales


We went to Ogmore Beach in Wales yesterday. Wales was Ardbeg’s, he loved everything there, every place we went to, all the beaches, towns, forests. We used to laugh he was the King of Wales because his wee must have been left on most trees there. The majority of his super happy moments -now memories-happened in Wales.

So I found it hard to be there without him. I find many things hard: we used to eat watermelon till our bellies hurt on hot days and half an hour later were running to have a wee (well, me in the loo, him in the garden). Eating watermelon till you belly hurts on your own makes you cry.

Ardbeg loved the seaside. He loved running in circles and barking happily. He loved climbing rocks and checking all stones, shells, dead crabs and fish. All thoroughly inspected and weed on. He loved life and I loved him. Life reminds me of my lost love.IMG_1782

But I do have a reason to carry on, I have a good life and I’m loved. And Lily sleeping peacefully in my arms reminds me I have someone who trusted me with her life. Just like Ardbeg once did.


18 thoughts on “In memory of the King of Wales

  1. I love my ‘girls’ dearly but I still miss my ‘boys’ every day. They lived long happy full lives with me, and the memories still make me laugh . . . and cry. I wouldn’t have missed a day of them. X

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  2. I was sorry to just discover your blog and then to read of your sadness 😦 The great thing is that you found and saved each other, so that is very special. For a dog to know he is loved, and loves in return, is just too special for mere words. I, too, fell in love with Kizmet when I saw his picture from a dog pound in Cyprus – I just knew he was ‘the one’! He came to live with us in the UK for 2 yrs and now has come back home to Cyprus, as we have retired there. He now has a bro, Charlie, again from a pound near us in Pafos, and a half sis, Sally, who gave birth to 4 pups in a field near Nicosia, and they all came to be fostered by me (sadly 1 pup did not survive to make the journey to me). We came out here just over a year ago with Kiz and 2 cats, Lady EsmΓ© and Marley Mou. At full house we had 3 dogs, and 3 puppies – who now have great forever homes and now also have 5 cats and 2 kittens!!

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    1. Your house sounds great! And I know the time I had with Ardbeg was a gift and I’m glad I was privileged enough to have him.One of my cats is called Charlie (Carlito when he’s naughty). I meet a lot of dogs adopted from Romania or Hungary and some stories are heartbreaking. I’m so happy there are people like you, it makes my day when I read a comment like yours πŸ™‚

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  3. Before being involved with Cyprus rescues I used to support Romanian spay and neuter campaigns. There are a lot of us who try our best and, when it feels like walking through treacle, we look at the happy ever afters and that gives us strength to carry on. For all the heartbreaking stories there are many of hope and love – like yours! You cannot ever replace Ardbeg, but you help others, even if it is just spreading the word. I always remember ‘for each dog that is adopted from a pound it equates to 2 lives saved – the one that is adopted and the one that can take its place’ πŸ™‚

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