Behaviour of hoarding victims 

This article has drawn my attention as Lily is a dog taken away from a hoarder. She didn’t know the world at all, she’s my first dog who was actually scared of grass and didn’t understand the difference between lines painted on the road and the borders between different surfaces. She spent the first year of her life in one room, so doorways are still a bit confusing for her. The next two years of her life weren’t better (quite the opposite, actually). There are so many things about her that are ‘different’ that I’d really want to find out what the research says (I haven’t found many articles on the subject). Lily’s doing very well, it was more like having an adult puppy in the house (minus the playfulness) at first. Now, she’s just a happy, well-behaved dog (with a tendency to fear new situations and low level of acceptance of people she doesn’t know really well).

If anyone’s interested, just follow the link (or read it in Bark Magazine). I’m not an advanced blogger, so if something doesn’t work, it’s my fault 😉

When people accumulate animals in large enough numbers that the basic needs of those animals cannot be met, it’s called hoarding. Rescues of dogs from hoarding situations often make the news because the conditions are generally horrific—unimaginably unhealthy and unsanitary. There is usually significant malnutrition and disease, and death is common. Whenever possible, dogs rescued from such situations are nursed back to health and adopted into pet homes.

Source: Behavior of Hoarding Victims


6 thoughts on “Behaviour of hoarding victims 

  1. I hesitated to ‘like’ this post because pictures like this break my heart – but the more people are aware the more we can do to help. Mabel, Maude and Molly send licks to Lily.

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    1. I actually think some of them want to help but then it gets out of control. I know Lily wasn’t physically abused (unlike Ardbeg or my other dogs). Still, she had lots of issues, so I’d love to know more about how it influences dogs’ mental condition. I’m sticking to the ‘abused/fearful/stray’ techniques but I do wonder if there’s anything unique for hoarders’ dogs I should know about…


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