I’ve just read the story of Alex Lewis and I thought that maybe the reason why my dogs are so important to me is precisely that: they make me realise how much I have, how lucky I am. I can’t think about anything else when they’re around, I simply experience the pure, perfect flow of life, the undisturbed happiness. I didn’t need to lose my limbs to appreciate the fact I can walk, use my arms in training and just to stroke Lily. Being with dogs, I focus on now. There is no planning, no thinking about the future or past. Which is as precious as unusual for me (I micromanage my life in general).729

We are born and we die. Whether we live in-between is entirely our choice.


9 thoughts on “Now

  1. Beautifully said. I have a hard time living in the present, and, even on walks with Tippy am thinking about other things I need to do or things that I need to resolve. I need to do better at just being – at least every once in a while. his did remind me of the poem “The Dash” which I have heard read a couple of funerals. What matters in life is how we spend our dash – the time between our birth date and our death date. The poem is copyrighted, and can be found at the following website:

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    1. I love poetry 🙂 I’ve read this one for the first time, thank you for the link. I think I’m not doing so bad, with my ‘dash’. Possibly because I wasn’t really born to survive. I was born prematurely and then (almost 40 years ago) my chances weren’t that big. I guess it’s only quite recently the doctors decided that, after all, I might live to be a 100 😉 And I’ve been running marathons with my imperfectly developed heart. We tend to appreciate things more when we don’t take them for granted.

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      1. It is true that we appreciate things more when we don’t take them for granted. Love that you are running marathons – one of my goals is to run one when I’m 80. I have 23 years to practice. LOL

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  2. This really resonated with me. We often overlook being grateful to ourselves, especially with what we can do and what we have with our present selves. Thoughts like “alright, after this event or achievement, THEN I’ll be satisfied!” never quite live up to expectations. The more important question is “what can I do TODAY that will make me happy?”

    Also, I love that photo of Lily with her toy. Her eyes are so pretty. Her ears look floppy and playful. I just want to squish her with a big hug! ❤

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