I like our weekends together. Watching Lily running around like crazy, sniffing, chasing birds, pretending to be a real huntress makes me feel life goes on. Being alive is not trembling in the corner of the kennels in the shelter, it’s being covered in mud, tired and happy.IMG_1617Each of my dogs has always given me so much, simply for the normality of dogs’ lives that I was able to offer them in exchange. Feeling needed is addictive, the pure joy on Lily’s face is like a drug. Watching her like that, discovering horses, sheep, rabbits and other dogs gives me the rush of dopamine, I want to stay alive and carry on.

Every time I get another of the ‘lost cases’, a dog that people had let down and given up on, I feel the warm assurance of the thought: a life has been saved once more. My life.


14 thoughts on “Mini-adventures

    1. Thank you. My dogs make me a better person (without even trying). And if I have any life philosophy it’s to respect any living creature instead of using or destroying it πŸ™‚ Well, not much of a philosophy, really.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. The expression on Lily’s face when she’s lying in the grass is so pure and happy. All dogs deserve to feel grass under their paws, not concrete.

    Just realized Lily’s harness has vintage VW vans on them – so cute! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ She likes the countryside, forests and hills. We live in a relatively small city, so there’s plenty of places to go, but weekends must be super wild! And I’m ashamed to admit that in my human, twisted way I think getting tailor-made harnesses can compensate for what happened to my dogs early in life. Well, they are good, comfortable harnesses (Ardbeg had a matching, blue one) but I get them for all the wrong reasons…Btw, I don’t think big city dogs are less happy than the ones with big gardens and the countryside walks. Everything depends on the owner (and the dog: working breeds will need a lot of open space).

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      1. Amazing to think that there was a time when Lily would’ve been afraid of all that, but she loves it now! I believe the harnesses are just another way of taking good care of them and loving them. πŸ™‚ You’re right, I have to remember that dogs are just as adaptable as we are. As long as dogs get proper exercise, they are happy. We live on a busy street with lots of road traffic, but I’m glad Bailey isn’t too bothered by the noise or being around cars (taking a ride in one is a different story!).


      2. Well, some people here don’t walk the dogs and that’s much worse. I don’t think having a garden matters that much, after all it’s not the size of your prison that matters, it’s the lack of freedom…


      3. That’s true. Walks don’t only provide physical exercise, but also mental exercise. There’s much more structure to a walk than just playing in the garden unsupervised. It’s a catch-22 for me. I’m glad I don’t have a garden because it forces me to exercise with Bailey, but I wish I had one so we could do more training like recall.

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    1. oh, thank you, it’s easier to ‘do good things’ for dogs, with people it’s usually good till they know about something better…dogs can be just so purely, shamelessly happy about the tiniest thing πŸ™‚

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  2. Life would not be the same if I didn’t have dogs in my life. I have to work very hard to have a bad day when the dogs are around. Life wouldn’t be worth living. Your dogs love you. I can see it in their eyes. Thanks for writing.

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