Long life, eternal youth

11119980_10207597714406832_2848979124444863639_oI’ve been reading numerous articles on how dogs improve our health and well-being, how they slow the process of ageing and can help us live longer. According to various studies dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression, have lower blood pressure, their levels of serotonin and dopamine are higher, their levels of triglyceride and cholesterol are lower, their immune system is stronger, they visit doctors less frequently, recover from stroke faster, are less anxious, have richer social lives…771

For people who love dogs any reason is good enough, for those who don’t no reason is sufficient. I read the articles out of curiosity and enjoy the fact science seems to support what I have always known: dogs are good for me.510

I don’t have dogs because I want to live longer and be young forever. I have them because my life wouldn’t be worth a penny if I didn’t have someone to look after, someone to listen to me (or pretend to), someone who doesn’t judge me, takes me for walks, makes me smile, finds new lovely people for me to chat to, makes me feel loved and wanted.

Now, to justify my musings, some links for anyone who has wasted their time reading all the above…








6 thoughts on “Long life, eternal youth

  1. I love dogs and I love seeing the pictures of yours. One of my dogs was named Scott and when I went to college I would always talk about how much I loved and missed Scott so much people thought he was my boyfriend… He was the best dog!

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